To the Editor,

I would like to know how the Plymouth Town Board makes their determinations on the ordinances they created. I am guessing it has to be who you know, who you are, and perhaps how much money your clout holds.

My father wanted to put up a metal garage in his yard. It was a nice looking building but the ordinances supposedly says it is supposed to be a wood structure. Well this week my father called me and said there was a metal garage just put up in a subdivision just north of Plymouth. How does this work?

Do you pick and chose who you like and who you don't? Do you know how many more thousands of dollars my father had to spend on wood versus metal? And before I close I'd like also to know why some people have to get a building permit and others they look the other way and let it go.

Gee, I'd like my father to be one of your important people you don't enforce your ordinances on.

To the Town of Plymouth residents that have had to put up wood buildings I would ask Warren Luedke your chairman to reimburse all of you the difference between metal and the wood you were forced to put up ! Get a grip Town of Plymouth supervisors and be fair to the people you serve or maybe you should all resign if favoritism is so much more important! Marcia Jackson

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