Gun control

To the Editor,

Recently, as we all know, yet another violent attack on innocent civilians occurred here in these United States involving firearms. As predictable as the next sunrise will be, and already is, the call for increased gun control, this time for so-called “bump stocks” in particular.

Let me state up front that I have no axe to grind for gun lovers, the gun lobby, hunters, target shooters, second amendment advocates or anyone else who might be pro-gun. I myself do not own a firearm of any kind nor do I hunt, target shoot or otherwise promote any of the aforementioned. With that out of the way let’s examine this issue with just a little bit of common sense and critical thinking.

Passing more gun control laws will accomplish exactly nothing. The guns are already out there. So are the lunatics who would use them to do harm. Restricting and abolishing gun rights would affect only responsible gun owners, who are not the problem to start with.

So why continue to rehash this issue and pass more and more ineffective legislation? It’s a knee-jerk, read: simple, reaction to a complex problem. What is the real solution? I certainly don’t know. Maybe there isn’t one. But if there is it likely won’t be inexpensive or quick. This modern day phenomenon took time to evolve. It didn’t occur overnight and won’t disappear likewise.

So what’s a politician to do? Can’t just ignore the problem and hope it goes away. Do just that and said politician likely will go away next election.

Here’s a thought: pass more gun laws. That should placate at least some of the nervous masses and help protect the politician’s lucrative position to boot. Will it solve the problem? So far it hasn’t.

This issue bears at least some resemblance to the drunk driving/legal b.a.c. debate.

Every so often the hue and cry goes up for stricter blood/alcohol limits. Usually after some horrific alcoholrelated crash resulting is multiple fatalities.

The M.A.D.D. people scream for tighter and tighter regulations and controls. Save us and our children from those dangerously impaired drunk drivers, they cry.

News flash: the people driving around with a b.a.c. of point zero whatever are not the problem. Drop the legal limit to absolute sobriety and it will do nothing to stop the chronic drunk driver from getting behind the wheel. So where does that leave us?

What then is the solution to these modern day woes? Somebody tell me and I’ll buy you a drink after trapshooting tonight.

Joe Leon


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