Rhine advised to upgrade accounting software

by Sabrina Nucciarone
Review Correspondent

RHINE – At the urging of their financial advisor, the town will be updating their accounting system.

The Oct. 3 Town Board meeting began with a presentation by Paul Corson reviewing the town’s accounts. Currently, the accounts are in an older format. Corson advised that if the town updated to a QuickBooks CT application designed for business, many - if not all - forms that require state and or federal filing can be achieved with the changeover without significant alteration or work time input.

Many individual line items are currently captured under a lump sum but with the software application Corson suggested, they can be itemized and printed or imported into a different spreadsheet format, such as Excel, and customized further before printing, depending on the needs of the board.

“It can be as detailed as desired,” Corson said, referring to the customization needed by the board but also when needed for state or federal forms.

Supervisor Allen Feld requested a sample of the QuickBooks printout, which Corson printed out as the meeting continued.

Chairman Ron Platz called for action regarding the consideration of the use of the QuickBooks software application, which will be taken by the end of the year.

Town resident Bob Ruh, who is spearheading the town’s Memorial Day celebration for 2018, requested that the board consider a special commemoration — two separate booms of a cannon.

Celebrating the 150th anniversary of the monument for the Civil War dead, which sits on the southeast corner of County FF (Garton Road) and Rhine Road, Ruh believes two booms from a cannon would add an exciting yet solemn reminder of those who fought in the war. Since the monument has no address, advertising the event as well as identifying the location of where the cannon will be is the responsibility of Ruh and his organizing team.

Supervisor Frank Zimmerman appreciated the heads-up notice Ruh provided, as well as the time and effort going into this extra special inclusion. Among several Civil War re-enactors that are expected to appear, Gen. Ulysses S. Grant and Gen. Robert E. Lee are expected to speak from the perspective of educational entertainment.

As for the cannon booms, “It is something I’m asking for before I start,” Ruh said, searching for approval before further planning starts.

“No projectiles,” Platz said.

“It’s just a boom,” Ruh said, settling the discussion.

As the planning progresses, Zimmerman requested that Ruh keep the board posted.

Platz clarified a permit process that ran afoul for a recent Fallapalooza fundraising event at Camp Anokijig held the fourth weekend of September. Normally all permits for events that attract the public are processed and or approved by the board in March of every year, however no such permit was requested by the camp for this event.

Though the process is supposed to be completed at least 15 days ahead, the camp’s request was made eight days in advance of the event directly with the chairman. However the permit process still required the board to take action.

Even though the approval came after the fact of the event, the board approved the action taken by the chairman and approved in hindsight the permit for the event and to Sheila Olocki for the operator’s license.

More than one board member commented that along Garton Road a beautiful stone business sign identifying Elkhart Lodge appears to have been recently erected by a roadside entryway to the business. However, the sign appears to be in the right-of-way along Garton Road.

Any application of the sign ordinance would be dependent on how the land is zoned.

“It’s a very nice monument but it’s not in a very good place. We are going to have to do some research on that,” Platz said.

November will be a busy month for board business, which includes the annual town meeting Nov. 15, a closed meeting session regarding compensation packages for town employees, committee meetings and the next Town Board meeting, to be held Nov. 7.

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