Pond fountain

To the Editor,

Last week in your Perspective (Oct 17), I feel you forgot one very important thing: the new fountain in the Mullet River put in by the Plymouth Mill Pond Lake Association.

It has never been mentioned how it adds to the beauty of the city. Many people have commented on how nice it looks, to members of the association. The fountain was the idea of the association and we did all the work. We had to raise $18,000 to buy the fountain and raise money for the upkeep. Not any money was from the City of Plymouth taxes.

Last summer and this summer we had some very generous people that gave us $300 to run the fountain for a month and upkeep. I hope when this association is not around that the city feels it’s worthwhile to keep it in the river for years to come.

We have a great group of people who belong to the association and help donate time and money for things needed. We even have people from out of state that come back to Plymouth and saw the fountain and sent us donations.

We also hold a free fishing day the first weekend in June for kids and adults. We have many great prizes, thanks to the businesses of Plymouth and fishing companies. This has raised money for many things we do.

I feel that this project hasn’t been important to the city fathers because we never see them at any of our functions, except the mayor. I would like to thank all the people in Plymouth who have helped us get this project done. Also thanks to the businesses of Plymouth who gave us many great donations and help on this project.

I hope to see the fountain working in the Mullet River for many years to come.

Jerry Huss

Plymouth Mill Pond

Lake Association

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