Final school budget increases tax levy

¦ Final numbers bump levy up less than 1 percent from 2016-17
by Dave Cary
Review Correspondent

PLYMOUTH – The School Board Tuesday gave final approval to the 2017-2018 operating budget of the district for all district funds.

As is usual, the final budget differs from what was approved by voters at the annual meeting last month, due to required state-supplied data that arrives later. These include the school district revenue limit, voucher student counts and allowed one-time-limit exemptions as a result of late open enrollment in 2016-2017.

The total levy budgeted for the year is $11,303,019.50, up $344,990 from the annual meting’s earlier $10,958,029.50.

This means a levy increase of 0.80 percent over the actual 2016-2017 levy.

Oddly, according to District Business Manager Jon Miller, despite numerous calculations along the way the final mill rates approved at the annual meeting and Tuesday’s approval wound up precisely the same - $8.13 per $1,000 of assessed valuation. Miller said he had never seen this in some 25-plus years of handling the budget.

In a related matter, the board passed a resolution that authorizes a “Taxable Tax and Revenue

Anticipation Promissory Note.” This authorizes short term line of credit borrowing by the board of up to $2.5 million to meet cash flow squeezes. The somewhat confusing title of the note means that the borrower - an entity that can levy a tax - will repay the note out of the anticipated tax revenues when collected.

• • •

Board and Facilities Committee member Bob Travis told the board that the committee’s community survey was being sent out to area residents.

The committee engaged a survey firm to refine the survey document from ideas they had obtained from various sources, the aim of which is to look at existing facilities not just as bricks and mortar, but how well they will serve the district’s overall goals as a facility, and what future facilities are likely to be needed. The district is most closely looking at improvement in the agriculture-culinary, science, health careers, phy ed, food service and in-school safety areas.

The board would like surveys filled out and returned by Oct. 30; if a survey form has not been received by Oct. 20, please contact the district office at 892- 2661.

• • •

Miller presented the bids for snowplowing district facilities. Low bidder was C&S Construction from Sheboygan Falls, which had the contract last year. Following Miller’s recommendation, C&S was awarded the contract.

In support staff matters:

• Mary Perman, food service employee, has submitted her resignation after serving the district 11 years.

• Cheryl Rivas, custodial employee at Riverview School, has submitted her resignation after serving the district two years.

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