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To the Editor,

The U.S. Supreme Court recently heard oral arguments on Wisconsin’s redistricting case. I read the transcript of the oral arguments and the questions/comments by the justices on the Court’s Website.

Justices seem to believe that the “fairness” of Wisconsin’s 2010 redistricting plan is questionable. But does it cross the line of constitutionality or should courts even “meddle” in redistricting since it is a legislative process?

Citizens should be concerned no matter the outcome of the case. The 2010 redistricting process has weakened our democracy. Expensive lawyers, using sophisticated computer software, in tight secrecy, and with legislators signing secrecy pledges, developed a poor plan! Now in the courts for seven years… costing taxpayers $millions for creating a plan and defending constitutionality!

Democrats and Republicans have created past redistricting plans that have weakened a democracy that now does not work for all citizens. It is time to fix the process!

Opponents say there is no process that is “nonpartisan.” I agree…but we can REDUCE partisanship! Models exist in other states. Wisconsin has two Bills, AB44 and SB13, that are waiting to start the legislative process.

Senate/Assembly leadership and committee chairs are stonewalling AB44 and SB13 and not allowing public hearings. The Bills create a new procedure for redistricting.

Sen. LeMahieu chairs a committee that could start the process of considering SB13 with a public hearing. Rep. Vorpagel was vice-chair last year of a similar committee in the Assembly. He is not on that committee this year, but he could use his influence with the continuing chairperson to have hearings on AB44!

If our representatives do nothing, we need to hold them accountable with our votes next November! Let us all work together to produce a balanced, common-sense redistricting process, that will move Wisconsin FORWARD to having a healthier democracy!

John Binder


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