Hearts vs. Horns

To the Editor,

America is now in a state of confusion resulting in division, racial tensions, bigotry and sadly, hatred of fellow human beings.

Instead of showing love, peace and a sense of the common good, a picture of a being clothed in red with horns seems to have so often become our norm.

Evil has entered the souls of so many it will bring destruction and lead to our downfall. It manifests itself in our words, our actions and our disrespect of various struggling nations in our universe.

It certainly has seemed to enter our political scene. We need our heads of government to be leaders, not dividers, we elected them to work for all of us, not some of us.

Yes, they will have sharp exchanges, disagreements, different perspectives, but please stop showing contempt for so many masses, individuals and organizations. Lead with your HEARTS not with your HORNS!

Ken Wagner

Elkhart Lake

Peggy Gasiorowski


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