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CONSERVATIONIST DR. PETER MARRA will speak at the Maywood Benefit Banquet Nov. 9 at Pine Hills Country Club on the topic “Bird Conservation for the 21st Century.” — Photo courtesy of Dr. Peter Marra. CONSERVATIONIST DR. PETER MARRA will speak at the Maywood Benefit Banquet Nov. 9 at Pine Hills Country Club on the topic “Bird Conservation for the 21st Century.” — Photo courtesy of Dr. Peter Marra. Renowned conservationist, Dr. Peter Marra, will discuss “Bird Conservation for the 21st Century” at the 16th Annual Maywood Benefit Banquet on Nov. 9.

The event will be held at Pine Hills Country Club.

Marra will take attendees on a journey to discover the unknown migrations of the birds of the Western Hemisphere and the causes of their declines. He will explain how these fascinating species are falling to habitat loss, climate change, cats and buildings and why it’s up to us to uncover the secrets of their biology and protect these marvelous species.

Migration is one of the most engaging phenomena of the animal world and one epitomized by birds. Migratory birds are the Olympiads of the Natural world - traveling extreme distances, flying at night in flocks of tens of thousands of individuals, and moving through treacherous terrain with untold obstacles threatening their every move.

Today, almost 50 percent of North America’s migratory species are declining at unprecedented rates – and for most of these species we don’t know why.

Marra earned a Ph.D. from Dartmouth College in 1998 and an M.S. from Louisiana State University, in 1989 and Directs the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center.

His research in conservation ecology has three broad themes, including migration, climate change, and urban ecology. Communicating his excitement for the conservation of wildlife to the public through innovative engagement and involving them in all aspects of his research is a high priority.

Marra’s papers have appeared in Science, Nature, PNAS, PLOS Biology, Proceedings of the Royal Society, Conservation Biology, Ecological Monographs, Biological Conservation and Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.

Proceeds of the evening will support Maywood’s Naturebased Preschool. Scheduled to open in fall 2018, this outdoorfocused learning environment for four year-olds will be the first of its kind in Sheboygan County. Support will help with start-up expenses for this unique opportunity in partnership with Camp Y-koda, the Sheboygan YMCA and the Sheboygan Area School District.

Tickets for the event are available by contacting Maywood at (920) 459-3906 or visiting Seating is limited and advanced reservations are required.

Ellwood H. May Environmental Park, commonly known as Maywood, is committed to its mission of fostering environmental stewardship through educational and outdoor experiences designed to connect our community with the natural world. Sheboygan’s largest city-owned park includes an ecology center, hiking and cross-country ski trails, wildlife viewing areas, an arboretum, and rain garden.

The park and its trails are open to the public year-round, free of charge. The park also offers programs for schools and the public, summer camps, aquatic studies and water monitoring, astronomy observation, bicycle tours, guided walks, a hands-on environmental lab, nature crafts, and outdoor workshops.

Support for Maywood comes from the city of Sheboygan, public grants, the Ellwood H. May Environmental Park Association of Sheboygan County, Inc., and The Environmental Park Trust of Sheboygan County through voluntary donations, bequests and annual fund drives.

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