World Series off to a smooth start


Game 1 of the World Series was played Wednesday night and the Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Houston Astros, 3-1. The game lasted only about 2 hours and 45 minutes which was very refreshing for me because I don’t like to watch a 3-1/2- or fourhour baseball game.

I enjoy watching baseball on TV but not when the game drags on with a ton of pitching changes, batters constantly stepping out of the box and pitchers taking their sweet time delivering to the plate.

Major League Baseball has put in some rules in recent years to try to speed up games but that hasn’t helped very much. I think two ways to speed up games would be to one – enforce the rule that makes a pitcher throw a pitch within an allotted time and two – not allow a batter to call a timeout when the pitcher is set to deliver a pitch.

I think batters step out of the box and call timeouts way too much. The umpire should only allow a timeout by the batter for a very good reason.

Major League Baseball is a great sport but would be more enjoyable to watch if there weren’t so many delays. There’s no reason why a nine-inning game should last more than three hours unless it’s a slugfest.

I enjoy watching basketball and football more than baseball on TV because basketball and football games have a better flow and don’t have as many delays. However, I think the managers’ replay challenges in baseball are done fairly quickly and seem to be faster overall than the coaches’ replay challenges in football.

It’s a good idea to have World Series games start at 7 p.m. Central Time, which is about a half-hour earlier than the games used to start up until a few years ago. I think the earlier starting time increases viewership because many fans go to bed before the games end if they run late into the night.

When the games used to start about 8:30 p.m. Eastern Time (7:30 Central), it would be nearly midnight sometimes on the East Coast when games would end which makes it hard for fans to stay up for the entire game.

Enjoy the World Series but hopefully the games will move along at a good pace.

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