To the Editor,

You read it here first. The Republican tax cut is part one of a two part strategy. Their ultimate long time goal has always been to cut entitlement (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security) spending. Remember “poor people are just really lazy, they don’t deserve my help.” By creating a tax cut so large (mostly for the very wealthy and corporations) the deficit will increase to the point that they will be “forced” to cut entitlement spending. Create the crisis first. THEY (us) will understand that we had no choice! Remember the “budget crisis” Walker had? They had no choice but to cut those lazy teacher’s benefits, to the tune of $800 million and not coincidentally destroy a politically opposed union in the process. Removing that money form the middle class teachers and giving tax breaks to corporations was supposed to create jobs. How did that work out? As a state we continue to lag behind most state in job growth almost 8 years later.

They are PROMISING a middle class person about a $1200 tax cut a year. So each of us should hold them to that by comparing tax returns from 2017 to 2018. They are PROMISING the huge corporate tax cuts will lead to higher wages and increased jobs. At your next performance review or contract negotiation, see how THAT goes. When you are being “asked” to work overtime or pick up an extra shift, ask your boss WHY they don’t hire more people. Or WHY the only ones they do hire are temporary or part-time with no benefits. Watch how the stock market and ROI (return on investment) soars for the big companies. Compare that to the $100 a month (maybe) you get back. So when that stubborn deficit just won’t go away see if raising taxes on the rich is even proposed to help reduce it.

To paraphrase Lincoln at the Gettysburg address- “Government of the wealthy, by the wealthy, for the wealthy.”

And the rebuttal by Mr. Gasper begins in 3, 2, 1….

John O’Dell


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