Good luck/bad luck on hunt

Ever since I noticed the boat trailer damage for my War Eagle in early October I have been on a negative roll that is expensive and at times scary. I am well aware that this is just a period of time and I’m very excited to see it end.

Friday, Oct. 27

High 48, Low 30

My daughter, Selina Walters, is 16 and each fall in this particular week she does not have school on Thursday or Friday, so we generally do some bow hunting and duck hunting. Most of our hunting takes place in The Meadow Valley Wildlife Area in northern Juneau County which is the hardest place that I know of to hunt deer with a bow.

You are probably wondering why I would make such a statement and here is why. To our south, east and west is mixed farm and forestland, and farmland is as easy as it gets to hunt deer. Five miles north of us you can bait deer and that makes the game much easier.

We hunt 200 square miles of forest and marsh and it is loaded with wolves which have the deer very wise and generally they have no reason to walk left, right or forward.

Back to the hunt, this weekend is very cool for both of us. We push ourselves and generally have some pretty cool stories. Today, when I checked the trail cameras, there was not a picture and after the almost one-mile walk I had yet to see a scrape when I arrived at my stand after making sure Selina was safe in hers.

The conditions were perfectly comfortable and neither Selina nor myself cared that we did not see a deer. While hunting I did get a text from my stepson, Travis Dushek, that he had just harvested a beautiful 10-point buck. Anyone that knows Travis is aware that he is addicted to hunting and fishing, and always gets what he is after.

Saturday, Oct. 28

High 46, Low 33

The last weekend of October is one of the biggest weekends in the United States for hunting and seasoned hunters can just feel it as they work the woods and waters.

Selina and I did not see a deer and that was a real bummer as our clock was ticking. Selina is with me seven out of 14 days and she has a full calendar in her life other than the outdoors.

On a positive note I received two very cool texts, one from my buddy Jeff Moll who lives up in Niagara and was hunting ducks with his golden retriever “Georgie.”

Jeff had harvested two Canada geese and a couple scaup. On an even brighter note, down in southern Louisiana my brother Tom was participating in a Youth Deer Hunt with his 10-year-old grandson Nathan Wooddruff.

This would be Nathan’s first deer hunt and he was with grandpa on a very go-for-it, use- the-boat and get-way-back there hunt. Nathan did not get a deer but he did harvest a beautiful wild boar.

Sunday, Oct. 29

High 39, Low 24

It was windy and very cold today. Selina and I switched our attention to ducks and we knew there would be good shooting after a go-for-it one-mile paddle by canoe to paradise. Unfortunately, 500 yards before I reached the landing for this afternoon’s hunt I got a flat tire.

This story gets worse; I had taken every tool out of my truck to change a tire and forgot to put them back.

Two good Samaritans tried helping but my spare would not lower. Another one of my stepsons, Joey Dushek, did Selina and I a big favor when he let us use his spare and helped change the tire.

After the canoe journey and I have to tell you the wind and air temp was brutal. I had Selina get out of the canoe first. She did a face-first digger in deep water and immediately told me she was ok.

I had bought three shotguns along because two of mine are junk. There were ducks everywhere and just like that it was a one-gun shoot because two of our three shotguns were junk (the worst purchase of my life).

One beautiful green head was harvested, Fire made an excellent blind retrieve and we had to quit early because my daughter was starting to freeze solid.

On the paddle back I got a text stating that my brother-in-law, Dick Schuster, had just harvested a beautiful 11-point buck.

Every dog has its day!


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