To the Editor,

I wouldn’t want to disappoint Mr. O’Dell by ignoring his disjointed accumulation of Democrat talking points. (See the Nov. 15 Review) President Reagan said it best: “The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant, it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” President Trump might call it “Fake News”

What makes Mr. O’Dell’s letter in the Review worth responding to is not his misguided harangue but the overall theme. With the 2018 elections right around the corner, what you saw was a sample of how Democrats are planning to campaign: They are going to accuse Republicans of waging war against Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and padding the pockets of the wealthy. That chant from the left will be deafening and nauseating. Their entire campaign will be based upon making Trump voters look pompous, meanspirited and deplorable. That crap sandwich will be shoved down your throat, full time. What Democrats won’t do is to give the public a serious plan to make things better because they have nothing to of- fer beyond more poverty, race and gender baiting, lawlessness, and public debt. When given a chance, Republicans do a good job of balancing the needs of the community while keeping taxation at a reasonable level. It is Democrats and a few liberals within the Republican Party that water down serious reforms, especially at the national level.

Tired of Governor Walker? The Democrats can’t wait to turn the State of Wisconsin back to the unions who will bankrupt the taxpayers and the state for personal gain and campaign donations as they are doing in Illinois.

Dennis Gasper,

Chair, Sheboygan County

Republican Party

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Once again, I "gasp" at this
Submitted by on Mon, 2017-11-27 15:43.
Once again, I "gasp" at this writer's misrepresentations, exaggerations, and "crap!" I could give a long list of items where our legislators and leaders at both the national and state levels are not "balancing our needs" with "reasonable taxation." We could start with the comment..."When given a chance, Republicans do a good job of balancing the needs of the community while keeping taxation at a reasonable level" and "tired of Governor Walker." I find myself "balancing" my car tires more often because of Walker's failure on finding a "reasonable" solution to our transportation needs. For the past 7 years, many of our school districts went to referendums to “balance the needs” of their education systems because our state has reneged on their constitutional responsibility of making sure all our students have a comprehensive education that is not determined by their zip code. The problems at our juvenile prison system is only the “tip of the iceberg” on problems in our whole corrections system because of not “balancing” the necessary staffing to the overcrowded prisons. And the list goes on and on! We don't have reasonable taxation...we have complicated/unfair/inequitable taxation that favors too many "special interest" groups. This state and country is evenly divided. Instead of being so divisive, why don't we compromise and find balanced common-sense solutions. Why does it have to be "my way or the highway???" "Gasping" is not what we do to help make government come up with balanced common-sense solutions that are for the common good of all our citizens. This writer makes that more difficult !!!
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