Naming Roeseler sheriff is the right move

GOV. SCOTT WALKER MADE an excellent choice to fill the pending vacancy in the office of Sheboygan County Sheriff.

Earlier this year, current Sheriff Todd Priebe announced he would be leaving office at the first of the year to take a position in the private sector.

That would mean a vacancy in the position, as county voters will not elect a new sheriff for a four-year term until the November 2018 general election, with the new sheriff to take office the following Jan. 1.

Walker announced his appointment of Cory Roeseler to fill the position, beginning Jan. 3, last week.

Roeseler has been with the Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Department for 26 years, the last 12 as captain of patrol. He has also served as a deputy, corporal, detective, multi-jurisdictional enforcement group detective and lieutenant of detectives with the department.

That list alone would make Roeseler eminently qualified to step into the role of sheriff, but he brings even more attributes to the position.

He has been actively involved in the community throughout the county, both in Sheboygan where he lives and elsewhere. He was an alderman in the city of Sheboygan for four years and has served many years on a part-time basis as police chief for the villages of Cascade, Adell and Waldo and the town of Lyndon.

That means he has been involved in and connected with the community, not only in the county’s largest city but also in several of its smallest municipalities.

That gives Roeseler a unique perspective on the many different demands on and need for law enforcement in all areas of the county and should enable him to provide excellent service to the entire county.

As Lyndon Town Chair Kris Hughes said in her endorsement of Walker’s appointment,

Roeseler, “has the … ability to work with people … with a mix of professionalism and finding common ground to resolve issues. He has immersed himself in our community by attending many picnics, benefits, government meetings and firemen’s banquets. All have added to his presence, trust (and) respect.”

Presence, trust and respect are key to successful law enforcement at any level, none more so than as Sheboygan County sheriff. Community involvement and interaction are important attributes as well, and Roeseler brings all of these and more to his new position.

By choosing a new sheriff from within the department, Walker has also helped to ensure that the transition to new leadership will be smooth and seamless.

Sheboygan County has been fortunate to enjoy 15 years of professionalism, pride and dedication from their sheriff – first Michael Helmke from 2003 to 2011 and now Todd Priebe from 2011 until he leaves office next January.

We can now look forward to at least another year – if not more – of that same level of professional leadership from new Sheriff Cory Roeseler.

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