Plymouth Foam to offer foam packaging

It’s (after) Christmas and that means presents and new home products have been purchased, wrapped and unwrapped. Many products are packed in lightweight EPS foam packaging for superior protection and economical shipping...instead of throwing it to the curb this year, recycle EPS.

Plymouth Foam is inviting everyone to bring their foam packaging to our plant at 1800 Sunset Dr. in Plymouth to be recycled as future packaging products. We are open after Christmas on Dec. 27 and 28. Look for the drop off area at the ramp next Plymouth Foam can recycle: #6 Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam that is white, clean, dry and free of debris. This includes items such as insulated coolers and protective packaging for electronics, household goods and toys.

What Plymouth Foam cannot recycle: Food service containers such as foam plates, takeout containers, meat trays, egg cartons, packaging peanuts and any non-EPS type foam.

EPS Foam material for recycling must be bagged, bundled, boxed, or banded for internal handling.

Mail back or drop off at any Plymouth Foam plant location. Contact local plant to confirm hours of operation and plant-specific recycling details at (920) 893-0535

Utilize the mail-back program through the EPS Industry Alliance:

Peanut (loose fill) recycling- call (800) 828- 2214 or visit Many UPS stores will take the loose fill for their use.

Have more questions about recycling your EPS? Contact us directly at 920.893.0535

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