Downtown at the heart of a great 2017

ANOTHER YEAR IS IN the books. 2017 has made its exit and 2018 has entered the stage.

Like any other year, 2017 was full of news – which is a good thing or else we at The Review would no longer be in business.

The news ranged from good to bad, tragic to triumphant, and everywhere in between.

In this issue, The Review wraps up a threepart look back at the news that made headlines here in Plymouth and Sheboygan County this past year.

For the most part, it was good news – perhaps more than in some previous years – although there was also bad news and tragedy.

The biggest trend was the continued strength and growth in the city and county economies.

Right here in Plymouth, that was quite evident in the continued re-invigoration of downtown.

The city, in conjunction with numerous organizations and businesses in the private sector, took a lead in that effort.

The area between Mill Street and the Mullet River east of Stafford Street is undergoing a long-overdue facelift. It has included burying overground wires, removal of the deteriorating ramp to the municipal parking lot at the east end of Mill Street to create more open space along the river, a shining new inclusive playground area (with a huge helping hand from the Plymouth Lions Club), a public restroom building, a new pavilion/shelter building on the riverbank and more to come.

Downtown was festooned with new banners and signage highlighting the “Cheese Capital of the World” logo, with more yet to come, and new Christmas decorations and lights.

The cheese capital theme was enhanced with the opening of the attractive Cheese Counter and Dairy Heritage Center, celebrating the industries that made – and continue to make – Plymouth strong.

But the Cheese Counter was not alone in adding to the luster and allure of downtown

Plymouth. A number of other businesses moved onto or expanded on Mill Street during the year, adding to its vitality.

Of course, as is true of life in general, there was tragedy on Mill Street – specifically a tragic fatal fire in a historic Mill Street building early in November. Our hearts were all touched by the life lost in the fire while our admiration was stirred by the valiant efforts by firefighters and responders, mostly volunteer, who contained the fire and prevented what could have been a larger tragedy and greater destruction.

The good news in 2017 wasn’t limited to just downtown Plymouth, of course.

Growth took place in many other areas as well, from new industries and expanding existing industries in Plymouth and Elkhart Lake to new and needed residential development throughout the county.

There were plenty of the events, attractions and fun things that fill the days of each and every year around here again in 2017, of course, with more of the same promised for 2018.

All in all, it leaves looking forward with anticipation and hope for what 2018 will bring.

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