Court Report


Allah, Mmin Abd, 5/1974, Sheboygan, Non-Registration of Vehicle-Auto, Operating Motor Vehicle w/o Proof of Insurance, $185.30.

Bahrs, Mason J., 3/1988, Saint Cloud, Speeding on Semi-urban Highway, Improper Left Turn/Completion, $350.60.

Dyksterhouse, Dwight L., 10/1962, Sheboygan, Exceeding Speed Zones, $175.30.

Matthews, Makenzie L., 1/20/2001, Cleveland, Community Service 5 hours, $843.00.

Murdock, Jacob J., 2/1998, Green Bay, Operate with Restricted Controlled Substance, License Revoke 6 months, $811.50.

Reimer-Devine, Lindsey J., 1/1193, Sheboygan, Operate w/Restricted Con- trolled Substance, Operating while Suspended, $1,012.00.

Santibanez, Benito, 3/21/1987, Sheboygan, Operate w/o Valid License, $780.00.

Scott, Paul J., 7/1977, Grafton, Speeding in 55 mph Zone, $175.30.

Silva Avila, Felipe De Jesus, 2/5/1985, Sheboygan, OWI (2nd), Jail 40 days, License Revoke 18 months, Ignition Interlock 18 months, $1,706.00.

Valadez, Juan M., 11/1/1994, Sheboygan, Operating while Revoked, Jail 8 days, $1,205.00.

Wimer, Jason A., 6/1993, Sheboygan, Speeding in 55 mph Zone, $175.30.


Benirschke, Cassandra J., 5/18/1993, Sheboygan, Theft-Moveable Property <=$2500, Theft-False Representation

<=$2500 (3 counts), Jail 60 days, (30 days imposed, 30 days stayed), $2,251.50.

Church, II, Dwayne E., 3/15/1989, Sheboygan, Bail Jumping, Theft-Moveable Property<=$2500, Jail 90 days (stayed), $908.00.

Coles, Eric, 3/1/1965, Sheboygan, Disorderly Conduct, Resisting/Obstructing an Officer, Jail 8 months, $914.00.

Delatorre, Jose De Jesus, 8/10/1992, Sheboygan, Possession of THC, Resisting/ Fail to Stop, Resist/Obstructing an Officer, Jail 60 days (stayed), $1357.40.

Deverney, Isaac M., 10/15/1988, Cascade, Criminal Damage to Property, (2 counts), Community Service 100 hours, $2,385.32.

Fitzgerald, Amanda M., 6/24/1984, Fond du Lac, Theft-Moveable Property <=$2500, Jail 22 days, $465.00.

Labine, Kristin A., 12/25/1981, Sheboygan Falls, Possess/Illegally Obtained Prescription, Jail 30 days (stayed), $455.00.your family and friends together some Ramirez,old- Mariafashioned F., 1/16/winter 1994, Sheboygan, fun Plymouth 4th DegreeMill SexualPond AssaultSkate ofRink Child, $on 487.80.the end of East Main Street. Schultz,lighting Aprilallows R., 2/10/1982,for night Sheboygan, skating. Admission Theft-Moveableis FREE Propertyso you <=$can 2500,skate Jail 30 days (stayed), $999.44.

Smits, Cory P., 1/11/1982, Sheboygan Possess/Illegally Obtained Prescription, $455.00.

Thunder, Sr., Lewis L., 1/24/1987, Keshena, Jail 2 days (time served), $455.00.

Misdemeanors and Felonies

Bramstedt, Jacob A., 5/20/1995, Howards Grove, Operating while Revoked, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (Misdemeanor), Possession with Intent THC<=200 g, (Felony), Jail 120 days (60 days imposed, 60 days stayed), Firearms/ Weapons Restrictions, $1,552.00

Palmer, Adam, L., 1/6/1988, Sheboygan, Possession of Child Pornography (3 counts-Felony), Repeated Sexual Assault of Same Child (At Least 3 Violations of 1st degree Sexual Assault, Expose Genitals/Pubic Area/Intimate Parts to a Child, (Felonies), Disorderly Conduct, (Misdemeanor), Prison 3 years, Extended Supervision 10 years, Sex Offender Registration, Firearms/Weapons Restrictions, $4,601.80.


Spencer, Rodger M., 5/30/1963, Reedsville, Possession of Methamphetamine, Jail 4 months (stayed), Firearms/ Weapons Restrictions, $546.40.

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