To the Editor:

I and many others are truly worried about which direction our country is heading since Trump and his administration has taken over.

For a while, I thought that maybe there were some in the GOP that would keep Trump in check, but I was wrong. The Republicans are no longer the party of Lincoln, but are obsessed with greed and power and willing to throw our Democracy in the trash-bin heading towards a Constitutional crisis.

They are enabling a childlike man who sees himself as a king or dictator, and they are either afraid or unwilling to challenge some of his crazy and sadly, cruel ideas.

He is using the playbook of dictators by trying to discredit the news media, (unless favorable to him) trying to discredit the FBI - by encouraging Republicans to step up attacks on Mueller and the investigation - and by working up a frenzy on the “Right”.

He basically is trying to “purge” federal agencies until they are idealogically pure to Trump.

You would think that the GOP would be outraged at what they see - the dismantling of our Constitution - but no, instead you see them on TV pandering and kissing up to a man who is not fit to be president, but would make a great dictator. Mary Wilke


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