Glen readies for cell tower hearing

by Sabrina Nucciarone
Review Correspondent

GLENBEULAH — The first item of new business on the Village Board agenda Wednesday was an old one — regarding the PI Tower.

It was “an agenda item that has appeared in our minutes every month, and the public hearing is next Wednesday, Jan. 17 at 6:30 p.m.,” Village President Douglas Daun noted.

Though no action was taken about the projected placement of the proposed telecommunication tower, Daun’s reminder was to also note that notification letters regarding the time and place of the public hearing went out to residents of Glenbeulah.

Not knowing how many community members will attend, the public hearing is to let the public voice their comments about the project. The session will allow people to speak specifically about the proposed project, however no decisions are made during the public hearing.

If there are any questions community leaders can’t answer, the attorney for Glenbeulah as well as the consultant for the project have been invited to attend and would respond if need be.

An additional concern that faces the Village Board is the approval of the ten-year comprehensive plan update for the village. The Planning Commission, which meets following the public hearing, must approve the plan — with any notable amendments made to the village, such as the building or razing of structures, over the last 10 years — and then submit to the Village Board.

The proposed cell tower project does not affect the current update of the comprehensive plan, which was addressed in a separate agenda item. However, if the plan is not approved at the Village Board meeting Feb. 14, the state mandates that no new zoning for any purpose can take place until it is.

“(The) comprehensive plan has to be done, otherwise we cannot get any zoning done until it’s completed and approved,” Village Clerk/Treasurer Michelle Bertram explained.

The board noted that there are still residents who have not complied with the reflective house number ordinance. There will be a letter drafted that will include an invoice that contains a fine or fee schedule and to cite those who have not yet complied. A copy of the original letter relating to the ordinance will be included.

Noting the importance of the reflective numbers to find the right location, “We had an EMS call last month where there was nothing at all,” Glenbeulah Fire Chief Michael Mooney said.

The village siren sounds every Wednesday to test its operation however the unit is in need of repair or replacement. “The thing is so old, we might be throwing good money after bad,” Daun said.

“I looked online trying to find a new siren, a two-horsepower. The style is different. There is one company in Indiana and another one in Nebras- ka,” Trustee Daniel Grunewald said. He is trying to find something similar in size and scope to what it is currently in use but indicated there isn’t much of an assortment, either in supplier or product, to choose from.

The fire chief said he would help. “I will go out on the state chiefs association website to see if anyone can give feedback,” Mooeny said.

“That would be great,” Daun said.

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