Administrator pays off for village of Waldo

THE VILLAGE OF WALDO has already learned the value of having a full-time administrator in place.

Actually, they’ve probably had more than one example of the value of the position since they adopted it less than a year ago, but this month’s Village Board meeting brought them a concrete example of the value.

Village Administrator Bruce Neerhof, in his monthly report to the board, outlined how he helped slice through some red tape for a local business looking to build a new facility in the village.

All American HVAC had plans to build on a corner of the parking lot at Chissy’s Pub and Grill on State 57 in the heart of the village, but ran into a roadblock in the form of a state statute regarding construction within proximity of a cemetery.

Since the proposed location for All American’s building was within that distance of the Waldo Village Cemetery, that triggered a requirement, under the state law, for an archaeological review by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee – the nearest institution qualified to conduct such a review.

While the preservationist value of such a review might be understandable in the case of many historical cemeteries across the state, the prospect of possibly a six- to eight-month review process was understandably frustrating for All American.

That’s where Neerhof stepped in to speed up the process.

Contacting the officials at UW-M, he was able to explain that the cemetery is properly mapped and the electric pole that All American planned to utilize for electric service – the issue in question – is within state Department of

Transportation right-of-way for State 57.

He had Village Clerk/Treasurer Michelle

Brecht supply the necessary maps for the

UW-M officials, who then sent someone out to Waldo to verify all the information.

In the end, Neerhof and other village officials were able to shorten the review process from months to a matter of a few weeks and now All American HVAC will be able to join the business community in the village.

All this was possible because Waldo enjoys the benefits of having a full-time administrator available to respond to urgent issues.

All villages have dedicated elected and appointed officials to run and manage their business, but in most cases they are parttime people who are not always available or do not always have the time to devote to issues in a timely manner.

That’s where having someone full-time pays off.

Many communities across the county, and even Sheboygan County, have learned time and again over the years the value of full-time administrators, whether it’s in day-to-day management and oversight, addressing issues and concerns, providing longrange planning, cutting through red tape, obtaining grants and other funding, or other benefits that come from regular attention.

Waldo was fortunate to have a competent and capable candidate for a full-time administrator available in Public Works Director Neerhof when they decided to go in that direction – and they’re already reaping the benefits.

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