Marriage Licenses

Brian Binversie and Heidi Subjeck, Lee Evans and Kate Calvano, David Kirk and Marisol Seifert, Matthew Mertz and Candice Russell, Michael Schicker and Margaret Robertson, Jarrod Schroeder and Ginger Glomski, Daniel Weber and Karlena Nitsch.

Leo Delabreau and Krystal Laumann, Bryan Fleming and Angel Henseler, David Meggers and Connie Teed, Shaun Schirmer and Briana Canales, Anthony Weyker Jr. and Cassie Ross.

Kenneth Beckford and Kristin Ringwell, Isiah Calhoun and Chanel Kordi, Isael Huerfano Arias and Ana Lopez, Randall Jarvis and Kelly Jo Gustafson, Kor Lor and Maixia Yang, Vinicius Marcon and Manoela Gaiga, Mattias Renzelmann and Brianne Peper, Jacob Snyder and Lien Nguyen.

Daven Claerbout and Sandra Flipse, Marco Gallegos Villanea and Mariyana Genova, Craig Haubert and Melissa Ninham, Marivn Lewis and Keora Robinson.

Kristofer Ader and Briyana Tegrotenhuis, Ryan Blatz and Stacy Hoefert, Jenner Eisele and Molly Murbach, Mark Hansen and Lynette Ruppel, Julian Hernandez and Grecia Fiallos, Joel Kolehmainen and Lori Prichard, Samuel Loomans and Robyn Plitt, Jared Oliver and Rebecca Taggart, Zachary Schmitting and Kayla Bohenstengel.

Dustin Daane and Carly Hoftiezer, Colton Simon and Brittany Riederer.

Andrew Heck and Hannah Riesselmann, Salai Loon and Khadra Ali, Christopher Purvis and Leslie Paulsen, Joseph Rzadzki and Christina Chavez, Nathaniel Toeller and Rachel Barnett.

Luis Aguirre Vazquez and Jenna Dais, Lawerance Lucht and Emily Earls, Zachery Radschlag and Hannah Wieskamp, Michael Spiro and Diane Rowden.

Sean Hallam and Mary Mittelstadt.

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