Beware of special interests

To the Editor:

The rich and powerful are at it once again, trying to buy an election.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin is their intended target, in Wisconsin, among other with a progressive agenda.

More money is being spent to put Sen. Baldwin out of office than all the democratic senate candidates up for re-election combined. Even if you don’t support Sen. Baldwin, this should be of grave concern to you.

Big money special interests can and do influence election. They put candidates that they “buy” at an unfair advantage over other, many times, more qualified candidates.

These “bought” candidate, if elected, then turn around and cater to the special interests that put them in office and ignore the people (you and I) they are sworn to represent. They end up, quite frankly, employees of the special interests.

We cannot allow this to continue in our country. There is way too much that needs to be accomplished in our nation (note Our nation, not the nation of a select few) other than fulfilling the interests of the obscenely rich.

We are plummeting down the slippery slope to oligarchy. The Koch brothers alone have pledged to spend $400 million on races across the country. We the People must stand up to these special interests that threaten our democracy.

How shall we do this? We must first acknowledge that we have a corrupt campaign finance system. Citizens United must be overturned and we must push for public financing of campaigns.

Until then, follow the money. Learn who is funding their campaigns.

It is imperative to the wellbeing of our communities and the security of our nation that we take our country back.

Beth Taubel


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