Adell passes Master Plan 10-year update

by Rodney Schroeter
of The Review staff

ADELL — An updated comprehensive plan for the village was approved the night of Wednesday, March 14.

The Plan Commission had worked several months with Kevin Struck, growth management educator at the Sheboygan University of Wisconsin-Extension, to review the mandated 10- year review and updates.

After that work, there was little to discuss. A public hearing addressing the updates brought no comments, and was soon adjourned. The commission then met briefly, voting unanimously to recommend approval of the updated plan to the Village Board.

During its regular meeting, the board voted unanimously to pass an ordinance adopting the updated 10-year update.

Another topic of discussion, carried over from the previous month, was not so quickly resolved: How should village officials handle water disconnections for residents who have not paid and have not responded to notifications?

Clerk/Treasurer Kelly Rathke again said village personnel were spending too much time disconnecting water, then (often) reconnecting it later that same day because the resident pays or makes arrangement to pay.

For more than 20 minutes, the discussion covered many disconnection issues the village currently deals with, and many more possible approaches the village could take.

Director of Public Works Shawn Bigelow said disconnection in a multi-family rental unit required him to enter the apartment, which he said was an uncomfortable situation.

The board decided to have Rathke continue the current policy of sending out disconnection notices. These inform the resident and (if applicable) the landlord that unpaid balances will be added to tax bills at year end.

Disconnections remain an option, but Rathke and Bigelow were given more discretion carrying them out.

Other village business

Cascade Chief of Police Jason Liermann spoke briefly to the board, telling them he’d like to keep in touch with the village and occasionally attend meetings.

Resident Jason Biermann sells guns from his home and repairs them. He said guns are not stocked at his home; he orders for his customers. “For the most part, stuff comes in, and most guys pick up their firearms within 24, 48 hours,” he said. This arrangement had been reviewed and approved by the board some years previously.

Biermann would now like to also sell ammunition. Trustee Leighton Holtz told Biermann if it were kept at his home for any time, the fire department should be notified where it is kept. Biermann was agreeable.

The board’s majority vote approved Biermann’s request, with Schmitt and Trustee James Jentsch dissenting. “I’m against it, like I was the last time,” Schmitt said.

Two representatives from Schenck briefly summarized the results of the annual village audit. Nothing considered to be a red flag, or unusual, was found.

The date for next month’s meeting was moved to Tuesday, April 10.

The board will meet jointly with the Onion River Wastewater Commission on Thursday, April 12, 6 p.m., at Emmanuel Lutheran Church, 326 Center Ave. in Adell. This meeting will initiate a major upgrade to the wastewater treatment plant.

The board unanimously approved:

• Contracting with a provider for a new village office printer.

• Authorizing Rathke to attend the League of Wisconsin Municipalities Mutual Insurance conference in May.

Police report for the past month: Seven citations totaling $130 (no seat belt; six winter parking violations); five complaints investigated (several for winter parking; followup on previous trespassing complaint); six property checks; no warnings, arrests made, traffic accidents investigated, court appearances, or warrants.

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