Sherman made the right call to RL ambulance

THE SHERMAN TOWN BOARD made sure this month that all town residents have emergency medical services available.

Residents in the western portions of the town faced being left in limbo by the recent dissolving of the Batavia First Responders by the town of Scott.

The board was left with two choices – the Random Lake Fire Department ambulance and the newly-formed town of Scott Emergency Medical Responders – to cover areas previously covered by Batavia.

It was an important choice, as emergency medical response is one service all of us hope we never need, but at the same time know and expect must be ensured by our local government, be it directly or by contract.

It is one of those services, like law enforcement and fire protection, that are vital to the quality of life, peace and security of all citizens.

The board, after seeking public input, opted to go with the Random Lake ambulance, for a number of good, solid reasons.

The Random Lake Fire Department ambulance has a well established history of highly-competent and professional lifesaving service to residents of the southern portion of the county.

It has, for many years, been an integral part of the coordinated ambulance and emergency medical service plan for the entire county, a plan that has proven to be effective and worthwhile for all.

The Random Lake Fire Department has continuously worked to upgrade their service. Most recently, they have added a full-time EMT/paramedic, providing a higher level of service and available to respond to emergency calls not covered under first responder areas.

Additionally, the RLFD is in the process of absorbing two members of the former Batavia First Responders, who have undergone EMT training.

All of that made the Random Lake Fire Department ambulance a strong choice for emergency medical services throughout the entire town of Sherman.

The Scott Emergency Medical Responders, the other choice for the board, is a new group with a yet-to-be-established record of service. That uncertainty surely entered into the Sherman Town Board’s decision to look to Random Lake for emergency medical services.

The Scott responders will continue to provide necessary coverage within their township and wherever they are needed. Their members, like all first responders and emergency medical service personnel everywhere, deserve our thanks and praise for their selfless service, dedication and devotion.

But for the Sherman Town Board, it seemed the close-at-hand certainty of the Random Lake Fire Department ambulance was the wisest and best choice for their constituents.

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