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To the Editor

All thriving communities have one thing in common: great schools. The Plymouth area is no exception.

Our schools produce students who excel in academics, technical skills and athletics. Children in Plymouth have well-rounded educations from STEM programs to fine arts.

In addition to a strong curriculum, our school district leaders have done a fantastic job maintaining the buildings and managing costs through the years.

Plymouth High School recently celebrated 50 years and the design of the building echoes 1967 — a time when our community was much smaller and school safety meant parents volunteering as crossing guards. Our world has changed dramatically since then and our children need to be prepared for the careers of today and tomorrow.

I urge you to join me in saying ‘Yes’ to the Plymouth School Referendum on April 3.

Along with long-overdue security upgrades to Plymouth High School and renovations to Parkview and Fairview, an enhanced curriculum focusing on areas of growth for today’s job market are on the ballot.

Here are some other improvements being proposed that will benefit our children and our community:

A new partnership with Lakeshore Technical College (LTC) for a nursing program at the high school to meet the growing need for health care professionals as Baby Boomers age.

Parking/traffic upgrades: School bus lanes would be separated from vehicle dropoff areas increasing safety

Updated Science labs to facilitate experiments and team problem-solving, creating a strong foundation for fields like Food Science which is in high demand at local companies like Sargento.

Renovate and expand Culinary Arts programming in partnership with LTC, another growing field.

Multi-purpose indoor facility for students and members of the community to use year round for events.

The fact is, we have one of the lowest levies in our area because our district leaders have been such good stewards of our investments. When their creative and conservative fiscal management wasn’t enough, they looked to us and thankfully, our community responded.

Now, more than a decade later, school district leaders are once again looking for our support so they can continue doing what they do so well — educating our children.

The proposed improvements to our schools will enable our children to succeed in a rapidly changing world. Plymouth will continue to grow and prosper as long as our school environment makes it possible.

I write to you as a business owner and as a proud member of this community. Please say ‘yes’ to our future on April 3. Thank you.


Louie Gentine

Community Member and Plymouth High School graduate

Readers Comments

I guess if I had pockets as
Submitted by on Sat, 2018-03-24 06:57.
I guess if I had pockets as deep as Mr. Gentine & a stake in future employees, I'd be voting Yes also... But I don't! It's easy for the CEO of a company that has Sales that are over $1.3 billion annually (Per Wikipedia) to support this referendum. I would suggest that Mr. Gentine & the other 3 Big Cheese Companies with some help from the ever expanding cheese cold storage facilities in Plymouth foot the 31 Million dollar price tag to insure they have a well trained employee pool to choose from in the future - Maybe they can each have a Gymnasium named after them - I can support maintaining what we have but that's it - Double Gymnasiums, NOT - I'm Voting NO!!! Steve Odekirk, Proud Graduate Of The Building That Echoes 1967!!
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