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To the Editor

Fairness and equality are the buzzwords that I often hear from liberals.

There is no Republican that would deny these rights to anyone regardless of race, gender or creed. But equality and fairness cannot be forcefully implemented by redistributing the assets of the wealthy and the working class without job killing results that would adversely affect the poor and minorities.

Equality begins and ends with the Rule of Law. That is an American ideal where our citizens from every background are treated equally before the law. Our judiciary must resolve disputes based not on their opinion but upon the law as written in the constitution and as legislated by our local, state and federal governments.

Police must monitor neighborhoods and make arrests based solely upon what a person is doing, not who he is.

It would be counterproductive to elect to the Wisconsin Supreme Court a person like Rebecca Dallet who, when talking about the rule of law, stated that her opponent, Judge Screnock “was talking about all this rhetoric about rule of law garbage.”

With that mindset, Dallet is summarily unfit to be a judge because she intends to arbitrarily create her own laws from the bench. That makes her a proponent of a privileged class that can change laws at will to suit their selfish interests.

Judge Screnock, on the other hand, believes that judges must adhere to the laws of the land and treat everyone equally when interpreting the law without regard to his personal beliefs. That kind of equality creates a level playing field for all racial, ethnic and gender groups, not the leftist equality that favors a small ruling class and makes the rest of us all equally poor. I will be voting for Judge Michael Screnock on April 3.

Dennis Gasper


Chairman, Republican

Party of Sheboygan County

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