Backing Meyer in April 3 Sheboygan Falls mayoral election

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of current Mayor Randy Meyer.

He has been a great influence and guidance in my life since I started getting involved in the city.

The Mayor has influenced my life in countless ways, starting from when he personally asked me to be a part of the Plan Commission in 2015.

Since then, I have had the privilege to continue to work closely with the Mayor on countless projects and have learned a lot from being around him.

Around the same time, he created the Economic Development Committee, a joint group of city, school, Chamber Main street and business leaders, which I am privileged to also work with. This committee is a great reflection of his character. He is humble enough to reach out for input on sensitive subjects, yet when it is time for a decision to be made he is always well informed and ready to take action.

Personally seeing the progress that our city has made and the potential for the future is the main reason for this letter. Much of the progress that has been made in the last few years, particularly since the last election, cannot slow down. The economy is in a great place for city growth and we cannot let these opportunities slip away.

His opponent has expressed interest in shutting down some of the TIF districts, which would halt city progression.

We all love our small city feel, but we need to continue moving forwards for future generations. The Mayor knows how to accomplish this and will help direct it.

The Mayor has advanced the city, investing in the youth of our community, such as appointing Chad Neerhof and myself to the Plan Commission, while still holding onto great members of our City Council.

If this is not a sign of great leadership, I am not sure what is.

Of course there are other people qualified to be mayor, but the reality is the incentive to take on that role is minimal. The pay is almost nonexistent. Usually the mayor is loved by half the city, and disagreed with by the other half.

I hope our citizens can realize the dedication that Mr. Meyer has given to this city, while keeping in mind the opportunities he has given up for all of us over the last 14 years, developing a city I am proud to say I am a part of.

For a community of our size, we should be privileged to have him run as our mayor for another term.

Sam Kohlhagen

Sheboygan Falls

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