Backing Bodden in 59th Assembly race

To the Editor:

I’m all in for Ty Bodden and there are several reasons you should be too.

Ty is running to be the next Representative for the 59th Assembly district, succeeding current Rep. Jesse Kremer, who is not running for another term.

Rep. Kremer leaving his post is terrible for the district and state, and with the way some Republicans are handling business lately, we really need someone we can trust.

Ty Bodden is a strong conservative, and, like Kremer, I know we can trust him to lead.

Ty has always helped candidates like Jesse Kremer, Glenn Grothman and Duey Stroebel get elected.

As we all know, these are some of the most conservative politicians in the state. Just based on that alone, you can decipher his values and beliefs.

In today’s political climate, it is hard to trust anyone. Ty is a family man and a man of God and will continue Kremer’s strenuous fight for the unborn.

Like Kremer, Ty will listen to our firefighters and police officers and will fight for policies they deserve.

Ty will defend our students by pushing for pro-second amendment policies like Kremer’s Private School Carry Act.

We need fresh young leadership serving us in Madison and someone who will refuse to give into the establishment.

He is not the same old same old candidate you always see and that is refreshing.

Ty realizes the importance of limited government and will always stand up for the taxpayers.

He believes fewer regulations and less government infringement truly is the way for families and businesses to thrive.

We need to all get behind Ty because he can lead us in Madison, just like Jesse Kremer

Jacob Immel

Sheboygan Falls

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