Waldo approves block party request, plans creation of parking spaces

by Rodney Schroeter
of The Review staff

WALDO — Resident Emily Meyer asked the Village Board Monday night for permission to hold a block party in the Berry Fields subdivision.

Meyer said the May 12 party’s intent is to promote residents getting to know each other, especially since several new residents have moved there in the past few years.

Meyer proposed closing off a cul-de-sac at end of Mulberry Drive. Trustee Mark Spitz said if emergency vehicles had to enter the closed-off area, there should be enough people present to quickly remove all obstacles. Meyer agreed.

Trustee Mike Hintz didn’t think the party and street closure needed board approval, but Village Administrator Bruce Neerhof said it was his experience in other municipalities that approval was needed. The board unanimously approved the party and closing the street. The village will provide barricades for the closure.

In his administrative report, Neerhof said a plan to create several legal parking spaces at the Village Hall would require moving the sidewalk closer to the building. “That’s going to encroach on that spruce tree,” he told the board. “So I’m looking for direction from the board. Our options are to eliminate it, so we’d have two more parking spots, or if it would stay, I would have to put a little jog in the sidewalk, to come around it.”

Neerhof said the large ash tree outside the hall seems to be infested with the emerald ash borer. “So that tree would have to come down.” And if it is taken down, he said, the spruce could come down at the same time.

Several board members and people in the audience expressed reluctance to remove the spruce tree. Board members suggested other configurations that would result in more parking spaces without its removal. No decision was made on the fate of the tree. Neerhof will continue to work on plans for the parking space project.

Trustees Mike Hintz and Mark Spitz, having been re-elected to the board, were sworn in by Clerk/Treasurer Michelle Brecht.

The board unanimously approved:

• Renewal of the village’s insurance policy.

• Six requests for rentals of village facilities.

• A raise in the salaries of Field Specialist Mike Kitzerow, from $30 to $31.20 per hour; and Clerk/Treasurer Michelle Brecht, from $18 to $20 per hour. This action came after the board went into a closed session and reconvened the regular board meeting. It was noted that these two increases were within the village’s budget.

Police report for the past month: One citation at $175.30 (operating a motor vehicle with a suspended license); two warnings; three complaints investigated (dog at large; patrol for fire department brat fry; patrol for Grothman town hall meeting); 15 property checks; one traffic accident investigated (single vehicle rollover on State 57 south of County V); no arrests made, court appearances, or warrants.

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