To the Editor,

Another election year is upon us. Kyle Whelton, candidate for Senate District 9, is running against incumbent Senator LeMahieu. Just who is Kyle Whelton and why should you vote for him, and why does Senator LeMahieu need to be replaced? Let’s look at Whelton’s words and actions, here, to answer these questions.

The progressive Whelton spelled out his reasons for running saying, “I am excited to announce that I’m running for State Senate in Wisconsin’s 9th District. For too long, our leaders in Madison have spent their time playing partisan games instead of supporting working families. I’m running to put progress before politics and Wisconsin families first.”

The old adage, actions speak louder than words, applies here. Whelton is a Sheboygan native and a member of the Sheboygan Area School District Board of Education. He serves as the president of the board of Habitat for Humanity Lakeside, and also served on the board of the Wisconsin Recovery Community Organization where he worked with people struggling to overcome opioid addiction. His activities point to a caring person.

In answer to the question as to why Senator LeMahieu needs to be replaced, a couple of items come to mind. LeMahieu decides on important issues using the blatantly partisan philosophy of “it’s my way or the highway”, while ignoring efforts to find balanced, common-sense solutions. Senate District 9 needs someone who will do just that for issues such as voter turnout, making our democracy healthier by fixing our redistricting process, and gun safety.

Wisconsin has languished far too long under the heavy-handed leadership of those who put partisan politics over the interests of their constituents. Electing candidates like Kyle Whelton will bring balanced, common-sense policies back to Wisconsin. The time for change is long overdue!


Beth Taubel

Plymouth, WIAC

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