Police patrols working in HG

by Steve Ottman
Review Correspondent

HOWARDS GROVE. Elkhart Lake police officer Ryan Gilbert gave an update on the first quarter of patrol services in the village of Howards Grove to the Village Board Tuesday.

Gilbert introduced himself to the trustees. He reported that he issued 81 citations and eight warnings during the first three month period that he patrolled in the village.

He said that he has averaged about 40 hours per month and that the village residents have been proactive and very supportive of him in most circumstances.

Of the citations given out, 60 were for speeding of at least 10 mph over or more, three non registration, nine no insurance or proof of insurance and three stop sign violations.

Gilbert listed some of the areas of the village that caught his attention - College Avenue, north of Wisconsin Avenue, Millersville, Audubon and Madison avenues.

Gilbert welcomed a ride along from any of the trustees and felt that the village should look at some of the stop sign abuse.

Village President James Scheiber said he felt that the patrol services have been very effective so far.

Scheiber appointed board positions. Jeff Plass will be chairman of the finance and personnel committees. Henry Verfuerth will be chairman of Public Safety. Lee Kunze will be chairman of Public Works. Dirk Hudson will be chairman of Parks Committee. Plan Commission chairman is Chris Heili and Continuous Improvement leader is Scheiber.

Scheiber also discussed how to put items on the agenda from the committee meetings, open meetings law, required minutes and agenda rules.

Clerk/Treasurer Jo Ann Lesser also went over the open meetings law, walking quorums, emails and open records.

Diane Van Minsel and Kevin Jump were appointed to the Plan Commission for a three year term.

Matthew Kossen, Tom Gorges and alternate Wayne Goedeke were appointed to the Zoning Board of Appeals for a three-year term.

Scheiber made a recommendation on the spending process for committees. If a committee has an expenditure, it should be brought before the board. Have a plan on how this expenditure will be used in the approved budget. Board members approved this process.

The budget for an annual fireworks at the village picnic was approved.

Finance chairman Plass said that the 2017 fireworks display went well and was well received by the village. An amount of $6,000 was planned in the budget for the 2018 fireworks.

Trustee Kunze asked about having a sponsor for the event. Plass said that he would welcome any support from the outside.

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