Council approves Greystone additions

by Emmitt B. Feldner
of The Review staff

PLYMOUTH – Despite concerns raised about property values, congestion and traffic, the Greystone expansion got the green light from the City Council Tuesday.

The council approved a rezoning and developer’s agreement for the subdivision on the city’s south side.

The addition to the single family subdivision off Hill and Dale Road west of State 67 will add 23 single-family home lots directly south of the existing subdivision.

To the east of that addition, the rezoning cleared the way for a 25-unit condominium development.

Greystone Drive resident Pat Grimes voiced several objections to the proposed expansions.

Grimes predicted that the new development would increase congestion in the area and have a negative impact on property values in the neighborhood.

He also expressed concern over added traffic from the 48 new residents, not only on subdivision streets but also on Hill and Dale Road and its intersection with State 67 to the east.

“You need to do something on 67 and PP (Hill and Dale Road) or else it’s going to be impossible at that intersection,” Grimes predicted.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t win the battle with the DOT when the intersection of 67 and PP was reconfigured,” Mayor Donald Pohlman commented.

He related that the city had pushed the state Department of Transportation for a more controlled intersection there, with traffic lights and turn lanes similar to the intersections on State 57 east of the city with County PP and County C.

“If memory serves, the survey analysis (of the 67/PP intersection) the DOT did said it wasn’t justified,” Pohlman said of the enhanced intersection.

He and City Administrator Brian Yerges added that a roundabout at the intersection had also been suggested by the city.

“The traffic count didn’t warrant a roundabout,” Yerges said. He added that the DOT also was concerned about truck traffic to and from County PP handling the roundabout safely.

Yerges added that the city had raised the issue of a 96-unit apartment development east of Greystone and west of State 67 and its impact on the intersection.

“We asked if (the intersection) could handle it and the DOT said they thought it could,” Yerges related.

Developer Oyvind Solvang explained that the additions to Greystone had been planned all along, although the condominium on the eastern parcel was a change.

“This remains very close to what it set out to be,” Solvang said of the additions. “It’s the same layout, the same streets, the same type of product as the rest of the Greystone single family subdivision.”

The change to condominiums adds six more homes than in the original proposed plat, he admitted, “but it’s not a dramatic change.”

Solvang said the condominium development would be a closer fit to the apartment complex just to the north. “We feel it’s a good compliment.”

The condos would not be rental units, he emphasized. The ranch duplexes would sell for $250,000 to $300,000 each, Solvang projected.

The condo development would start with one single unit adjacent to the Greystone development, with 12 duplexes to follow to the east. Solvang said that would make an easier transition from the single-family area.

Council President Charles Hansen reported that he had been contacted by a constituent with concerns about the proposal. Those concerns were answered, he continued, with the assurance that the area south of the existing Greystone subdivision would remain in R-2 single-family zoning.

Alderman Jim Sedlacek remained unconvinced about the development.

“I kind of have a concern about the property values in that subdivision,” he stated. “I don’t feel comfortable voting yes at this point in time.”

Sedlacek cast the only no vote on the rezoning for the condominium development.

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