Town of Plymouth to seek state’s help with Inez Court water problems

by Emmitt B. Feldner
of The Review staff

PLYMOUTH – The town is looking to the state for help in stemming the floods on Inez Court.

County Highway Department Surveyor Ed Harvey presented the results of his survey of drainage on the culde sac south of State 23 to the Town Board Tuesday.

“The ditches are almost dead flat across,” Harvey said of the drainage ditches between Inez Court and State 23. “Basically it’s just flat.”

Inez Court residents brought their case to the Town Board in March, noting that flooding occurs on many lots along the street every spring.

“The water now comes from both directions with nowhere to go,” from Inez Court, Town Chairman Warren Luedke added.

Harvey explained that the topography of the area does not provide the needed energy to get the water to flow away from the lots on the street.

As they did at the March board meeting, several residents said the problems began when two westbound lanes were added to State 23 just north of Inez Court.

At that time, they said, the state installed tow culverts under State 23 that direct water from the north south to their properties.

“Why the state brought all that water over here I can’t figure when they’ve got a pond down by Branch Road,” the water could be diverted to, one Inez Court resident stated.

Additionally, a culvert under Inez Court was removed a number of years before that. Inez residents at the meeting said that culvert had been installed when the subdivision was originally built in the late 1970s.

“I don’t know what the problem was they were trying to solve when they took that culvert out,” Harvey admitted.

“The reason they probably took that out was the fields were getting flooded out below,” Luedke speculated.

“What I want is that culvert put back where it was taken out,” one Inez Court resident told the board.

“There’s only two possibilities we can pursue,” Harvey concluded. “Either we limit the amount of water coming in here (to Inez Court) or we find a way to get the water out of there faster.”

“It’s probably going to take more numbers and figuring out what it’s going to cost,” Luedke said.

“We’ll get hold of the state, get them involved and see where we can go from there,” he concluded.

“We’ll get this figured out,” Supervisor Gene Blindauer told the Inez Court residents. “If we’ve got to put the culvert back, we’ll put it back.”

The board approved the removal of an undeveloped short street in the Elkhart Moraine subdivision.

The vacation of Lotus Trail was requested by the owners of the two lots on either side of the stub that was dedicated but never built.

“It serves no purpose and is overgrown,” Attorney Matthew Mooney, representing Charles Steinhardt and Jim Buchholz, said of the 303-foot long street.

Fire Chief Dennis Fellows reported that the chassis for the town’s fire tender has been delivered. The tank is being installed, he said, and the department hopes to have it in service by the end of the summer.

“Basically, the tender will be the same as the one we have now,” Fellows told the board.

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