Reverse order

Spring Election results had our governor tweeting, “The Far Left is driven by anger & hatred…” Others say “voters got it wrong” in electing Judge Dallet and not eliminating the Treasurer’s Office.

“Driven by anger & hatred?” You only need to read the newspaper opinion pieces written by some conservatives, along with some of their media voices, to realize who are “driven by anger & hatred!”

“Voters got it wrong on April 3rd?” Maybe the voters “got it wrong” the past 8 years in electing an administration and legislature that have enacted many "deforms" using a governance style of divide & conquer, resentment and divisiveness… made even worse by a legislating style of “take it or leave it!”

Wisconsin needs a change!

Too much centralization of power includes a Supreme Court that is still an extension of the executive/ legislative branches.

Voters want to return the Treasurer's Office to its intended constitutional pur- pose, along with a Supreme Court that truly is an independent branch of government!

Watching our legislature these past 8 years, one could conclude that decisions are based on these influences…in order of importance… Senate/Assembly leadership, lobbyist (money), party, personal ideology, constituents, and what is best for the common good of all.

It would be great if our next legislature is made up of legislators who make decisions based on influences in reverse order of what I described above!

Wisconsin needs new leadership that will bring us together to truly move all of us forward. Wisconsin also needs legislators who will bring balanced commonsense decision making back to legislating!

The election of Judge Dallet and not eliminating the Treasurer's Office are starts to having a healthier democracy.

Let us continue that by electing new leadership in the governor’s office and a new legislature this November!

John Binder Plymouth

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