Court Report

May 7 to May 11, 2018

Revoke Probation

Jones, Debreaka D., Sheboygan, Jail 100 days, $898.00.

Lee, Kaying, 8/27/1978, Sheboygan, Jail 85 days, Still owes $643.65.

DCA and other charges

Donnell, Stephanie D., 8/14/1984, Milwaukee, DCA-Deliver Illegal Articles 5.64to Inmate, Possession of Synthetic Canniboid-3 counts-(Misdemeanors), $1,341.00.

Heard, Cecilia, 3/28/1984, Plymouth, DCA-Manufacture/Deliver Schedule I, II Narcotics.

Smith, Billie Jo, 11/5/1973, Marinette, DCA-Child Abuse-Recklessly Cause Harm, Disorderly Conduct (Misdemeanor), $474.20.


Davis, Kyle L., 11/15/1996, Adell, Disorderly Conduct, $267.50.

Ford, Charles B., 9/1994, Cedar Grove, Adult Permit/Underage Drinking, $452.00.

Miner, Jessica D., 7/1981, Sheboygan, Retail Theft, $225.70.

Phonesaythip, Khamphout Jy, 8/1978, Sheboygan, Violate County Institutional Rule, $232.00.

Failure to Submit POWTS (Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment System) Maintenance

Andera LLC, Elkhart Lake, $389.50.

Baker, Joshua P., (3rd), $641.50.

Batterman, Larry E., Sheboygan, $389.50.

Blech, Randolf D., Plymouth, $389.50.

Bongers, Cindi J., (4th), Sheboygan, $641.50.

Dekker, Matthew J., Cedar Grove, $389.50.

Dellger, Christopher S., Plymouth, $389.50.

Eigenberger, Neil G., Glenbeulah, $389.50.

Farrell, Kevin M., Plymouth, $389.50.

Goeser Dairy LLC, Plymouth, $389.50.

Kraus Special Needs Trust, Elkhart Lake, $389.50.

Loescher, Jimmy, Adell, $389.50.

Loomans, Wendy A., Waldo, $389.50.

Nelson, Eric T., Milwaukee, $389.50.

Schad, Corbin L., Elkhart Lake, $389.50.

Vang, Seng V., Sheboygan, $389.50.

Verhoven, Bret M., Middleton, $389.50.

Villa, Pablo, Adell, $389.50.


Alloway, Tristan S., 12/1996, Crandon, Speeding on Freeway, Operate Motor Vehicle w/o Proof of Insurance, $286.10.

Barutha, Dylan M., 6/2000, Sheboygan, Improper Signal for Stop/Turn, $175.30.

Birschbach, Ronda Ann, 2/1965, Sheboygan, Hit and Run Property Adjacent to Highway, Failure of Operator to Notify Police of Accident, $653.00.

Blum, Jeffrey J., 5/1946, Sheboygan, Fail/Yield for Yield Sign, $175.30.

Bonebrake, Brock A., 11/1996, Elkhart Lake, Reckless Driving-Endanger Safety, $389.50.

Cuene, Kristin M., 3/1960, Whitefish Bay, Reckless Driving-Endanger Safety, $389.50.

Cvetan, Jon M., 5/73, Sheboygan, Improper Parking on Roadway, $150.10.

Davis, Isaiah C., 3/1999, IN, Speeding in 55 mph Zone, Operate while Suspended, $401.00.

Engstrom, Fallyn R., 10/1992, Sheboygan, Speeding on Expressway, Operate

Motor Vehicle w/o Proof of Insurance, $260.90.

Escobar, Ricardo, 4/1961, Sheboygan, Operate Motor Vehicle w/o Proof of Insurance, Vehicle Operator Fail/Wear Seat Belt, $20.00.

Golden, Jamar A., 5/1983, Two Rivers, Operator Fail/Wear Seat Belt, Operate Motor Vehicle w/o Insurance, $210.50.

Hastreiter, Heather L., 12/1999, Two Rivers, Failure to Keep Vehicle Under Control, $213.10.

Heinemann, Paul J., 7/1968, Cedar Grove, Fail/Yield Right Way from Stop Sign, $175.30.

Helling, Sheena M., 9/1984, Sheboygan, Operate w/o Valid License, Display Unauthorized Registration Plate, $438.80.

James, April M., 7/5/1987, Sheboygan, Hit and Run, Jail 30 days (stayed), $1,287.16.

Koral, Brian L., 7/1990, Bowler, Operate Motor Vehicle w/o Insurance, Operate while Suspended, $401.00.

Kuether, Devon J., 4/1995, Sheboygan, Operator Fail/Wear Seat Belt, Operate Motor Vehicle w/o Proof of Insurance, $20.00.

Lisowe II, Allen J., 10/1999, Two Rivers, Improper Signal for Stop/Turn, $150.50.

Loften, Tristen R., 1/1995, Sheboygan, Operate while Suspended, Operate Motor Vehicle w/o Proof of Insurance, $210.50.

Mabrey, Megan H., 10/1989, Sheboygan Falls, Display Unauthorized Registration Plate, Operate Motor Vehicle w/o Insurance, Non-Registration of Vehicle- Auto, Operate while Suspended, $814.60.

Mischeck, Matthew D., 6/1999, IL, Unlawful U/Y Turn-Erected Signs, $175.30.

Nyhof, Benjamin A., 8/2001, Plymouth, Operate Motor Vehicle w/o Insurance, Operate while Suspended, $401.00.

Steinhaus, Dakota T., 12/1993, Port Washington, Failure to Keep Vehicle Under Control, $213.10.

Thao, Jouachai X., 6/1977, Manitowoc, Improper Signal for Stop/Turn, $200.50.

Thill, Alexander A., 1/1994, Belgium, Vehicle Owners Liability for Failure to Stop at Accident Scene, (Hit and Run- Property Adjacent to Highway), $200.50.

Tomkiewicz, Cole S., 5/1999, Speedometer Violations, $200.50.

Zahn, Kaylee A., 3/1999, Sheboygan, Operate while Suspended, Display Unauthorized Vehicle Registration Plate, Operate Motor Vehicle w/o Insurance, $639.30.

Operate while Suspended

Allen, Ashley A., 4/1985, Sheboygan Falls, $200.50.

Riemer, Mae Ann, 12/1976, Sheboygan Falls, $200.50.

Operate after Revocation/Suspension of Registration

Home, Cassandra J., 4/1982, Sheboygan, $175.30.

Mandel, Ryan N., 9/1986, Sheboygan, $175.30.

Torres, Emilie C., 9/1964, Sheboygan, $175.30.

Operate w/o Carrying License

Anderson, Shantel E., 12/2/1990, Sheboygan, $217.10.

Leonhardt, Tracy L., 11/1/1972, Sheboygan, $217.10.

Operate w/o Valid License

Boonmee, Cha, 11/1990, Milwaukee, $200.50.

Safore, Essence S., 9/12/1991, Milwaukee, Jail 10 days, $455.00.

Rivas-Coto, Vianey, 12/17/1985, Sheboygan, $654.00.

Operate a Motor Vehicle w/o Insurance

Harvey, Rane K., 3/1995, Sheboygan, $200.50.

Jones, Makita M., 11/1997, New Holstein, $200.50.

Rivera, Hector I., 9/2000, Sheboygan, $200.50.

Sand, Tatum J., 12/1997, Sheboygan, $200.50.

Non-Registration of Vehicle-Auto

Machut, Lilibeth A., 9/1960, Two Rivers, $175.30.

Molod, Richard, 10/1970, Sheboygan, $175.30.

Mullins, Jessica, 1/1992, Sheboygan, $175.30.

Speeding in 55 mph Zone

Gasser, Trevor R., 5/1992, Milwaukee, $175.30.

Kraus, Eric E., 11/1976, Plymouth, $175.30.

Lee, Josephine M., 7/1991, Milwaukee, $225.70.

Lueptow, Daniel R., 8/1991, Oostburg, $225.70.

Pitzen, Bradley J., 8/1994, Sheboygan, $225.70.

Reed, Timothy J., 11/1983, CO, $200.50.

Seipel, Jordan D., 2/1996, Chilton, $175.30.

Stift, Tammy A., 3/1976, Sheboygan, $225.70.

Struve, Darren S., 4/1971, Malone, $200.50.

Talesfore, Lucas D., 6/1997, Grafton, $175.30.

Tenpas, Amber E., 11/1984, Belgium, $200.50.

Weisfeld, Lisa D., 11/1977, Sheboygan, $200.50.

Speeding on Freeway

Buchanan, Nicholas G., 1/1994, Appleton, $276.10.

Corbaxhi, Xheni, 5/1996, Sheboygan,


Gleason, Chelsea M., 5/1992, Milwaukee, $175.30.

Hinnawi, Nicole H., 12/1997, Milwaukee, $250.90.

Paquito, Vivian F., 5/1967, IL, $301.30.

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