A great outing on Green Bay

The following adventure that you are about to read is one where everything seemed to go right. The weather was perfect, my boat and motor ran just like I hoped they would and at least for this trip I figured out how to catch walleye.

I would be launching my 18.6 War Eagle out of Suamico, which is on the southwest corner of Green Bay, and camping and fishing for what would be about a 30-hour trip.

Wednesday, May 23

High 77, Low 51

Believe it or not, today was the first time I put the War Eagle in the water this year. I have fished in other boats but for the most part this spring I have been fishing out of my canoe, which I have to tell you I enjoy just as much as a boat and motor.

So, I am rigging up at the boat launch at Suamico, it is about noon and every fisherman that I am talking to that has just finished fishing, has either limited out on walleye or at least caught three. My confidence is extremely high as I know I will do well with this type of report.

As soon I hit 7 feet of water after I hit the bay, I started putting out lines which in this case would be a Berkley “Flicker Minnow,” a “Flicker Shad,” and a crawler harness with a 1.5-ounce bottom bouncer.

All three of these rigs are well known to be walleye killers on the bay. Maybe 15 minutes into my experience the Flicker Shad, which was the color purple candy, was hit and just like that I had my first fish which was a 30-inch northern pike.

Soon after this I realized that I had made two mistakes, one was that I was fishing where I have caught walleye in the past but not where I was told to go, and the other was that I had forgot my drift sock which is what you use to slow down your boat when trolling.

I took care of the first problem by pulling lines and heading southeast two miles where the majority of the fishermen that I talked to at the landing told me to go.

Something that I thought was very unique was that for the awesome and very well-known bite that was happening, at 4:00 this afternoon there was only three other boats on the water.

That second problem which had me trolling at 2.7 to 3.1 mph was taken care of when I dropped a two-gallon bucket overboard and began dragging it, and slowed my boat down to 1.9 to 2.3 mph.

At this point in the day I had been on the water about five hours and had caught three gators (northern pike) but no walleye. Dropping the bucket or at least the timing got me a hit on the crawler harness and just like that I had a 23-inch walleye.

From 6 p.m. to dark, life was perfect as the bite was slow but steady, and when I made my camp, which was in the dark, there were five beautiful walleye and the 30-inch gator in my live-well and soon to be cooler.

Thursday, May 24

High 81, Low 51

I was on the water shortly after sunrise and could only fish until about noon as I head to do the camp breaking, boat trailering, drive home and be a dad thing. The dad thing is a job that I thoroughly enjoy.

Anyways, I set up where I ended last night and let me tell ya, just in case you do not know, running three lines with planer boards and actually catching fish is a skill that takes a while to get good at.

Often you are dragging a small piece of vegetation that completely kills any chance of catching a fish. So a good hour into my fishing day I have not had a hit and I am down to maybe five that I can fish.

I decided to go exploring and holy moly did that pay off. I do not like fishing in a pack of boats and chose to fish the edge of the channel and the first walleye of the day was a 23-inch beauty.

Today, crawler harnesses were hotter then blacktop in July but the purple candy Flicker Shad was a fish catcher as well. When I unhooked the first walleye, my crawler harness rig, which I had not pulled in, started bending over and just like that I had two walleye in the live-well.

It was kind of funny because I stayed away from the pack which was going over some shallow water in a large circle and I was not seeing too many nets go down.

At 11:30 a.m. I netted my last walleye and my mood was incredible. I was pulling in my last two lines and something very heavy hit my Flicker Shad. This fish had the most weight of the trip but got away without being seen.

I made it home in time to cook supper and even do a little gardening while giving ample amounts of blood to the local flock of mosquitoes.

Addicted to the outdoors!


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