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OUTGOING SHEBOYGAN COUNTY Fairest of the Fair Ashley Miller (center) meets with the four 2018 Fairest of the Fair candidates (left to right) Kaylie Schelinske of Glenbeulah, Kristen Rauch of Sheboygan Falls, Juliann Tetschlag of Plymouth and Karrah Jo Wyckoff of Sheboygan. — All photos by Jenny Lynn Photography OUTGOING SHEBOYGAN COUNTY Fairest of the Fair Ashley Miller (center) meets with the four 2018 Fairest of the Fair candidates (left to right) Kaylie Schelinske of Glenbeulah, Kristen Rauch of Sheboygan Falls, Juliann Tetschlag of Plymouth and Karrah Jo Wyckoff of Sheboygan. — All photos by Jenny Lynn Photography Kristen Rauch, 19, Sheboygan Falls, is the daughter of Brian & Kelly Rauch.

She is a graduate of Sheboygan Falls High School and is currently a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater where she is majoring in Marine Biology with a minor in Special Education. During the school year she is employed at the Center for Students with Disabilities where she is a drop-in tutor, assisting students with their homework. She also works for the Sheboygan Falls Aquatic Center where she gives lessons, is a lifeguard and is the pool manager.

KRISTEN RAUCH KRISTEN RAUCH She would like to acquire her master’s degree and continue her post-secondary education to the doctoral level. Upon graduation, she would like to work in a research lab helping with environmental conservation.

Rauch shares how she has personally prepared to be an advocate for the Sheboygan County Fair if chosen Fairest.

“I was a member of the Sheboygan County 4-H Program for eight years and have brought projects to the fair all eight of those years. I showed llamas at the county fair for five years and learned how much hard work people put into the animals they bring to the fair and how much time they must take out of their days and school to be at the fair to take care of their animals.

“The fair is a big promoter for both 4-H and the agricultural community around the county. I feel like this helps people who haven’t necessarily had a lot of exposure to farming gain a better appreciation of where their food comes from and how big the agricultural community in Sheboygan County really is.

KAYLIE SCHELINSKE KAYLIE SCHELINSKE “I have worked in the Ag Education tent before and interacting with the people coming through the tent was very insightful to understand how lucky I am to have been able to interact with different kinds of animals outside of the fair. There were many people I talked to, children and adults, who were seeing baby chickens for the first time that day.

“I am very grateful that I was in 4-H and had an excellent ag program in school to help me learn the importance of agriculture and sustainable farming.

“I would like to use this position to help people gain a better appreciation for the agricultural community that plays such a big part in our lives,” concludes Rauch.

Kaylie Schelinske, 20, Glenbeulah, is the daughter of Dean and Angela Schelinske.

JULIANN TETSCHLAG JULIANN TETSCHLAG She is a graduate of Plymouth Comprehensive High School and is currently a sophomore the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point where she is majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Spanish.

She is currently seeking employment as a summer nanny and may also attend summer school. Upon graduation, she would like to be an educator and continue to work with the Sheboygan County 4-H program through activities like 4-H base camp.

Schelinske shares her vision for promoting the Fair, “while serving as the Fairest of the Fair it is important to educate the public about all of the new and exciting attractions and exhibits coming to the Sheboygan County Fair. The fair is about bringing the community together to celebrate the hard work and successes of local businesses,4-H, FFA, and Open class Exhibitors.

KARRAH JO WYCKOFF KARRAH JO WYCKOFF “The fair has been an important part of my life as have been showing projects like poultry, horses, and photography for 13 years through 4-H. These events have positively impacted my life and I know that the fair can impact others’ lives too and I want to be part of that.

“Being involved with the fair for 13 years, I have gained valuable knowledge and skills that will help me excel at the Fairest of the Fair position. Some of these skills include working with community members of all ages and sharing my enthusiasm and passion for the fair.

As someone who has attended the fair every year, I have knowledge about fair events, shows, and vendors that attend the fair. I will be able to cultivate a positive and effective online presence through the web and social media platforms to spread the fair’s new events and promotions,” Schelinske stated.

Juliann Tetschlag, 19, Plymouth, is the daughter of Scott & Kristin Tetschlag.

She is a graduate of Sheboygan Falls High School and has attended the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and will be attending the University of Wisconsin- Platteville in the fall of 2018 majoring in Agribusiness and minor in animal science.

She is currently employed at Glacier Acres Farm and Skyline Equestrian Center where she helps with general farm work. She is also employed at the Wade House Historical Site as a front desk assistant where she greets visitors and assists with many activities including special events such as weddings, craft fairs, etc. Upon graduation, she plans to pursue a career in horse training and stable management.

Tetschlag shares ways she has prepared to become the next Fair ambassador. “In the 10 years I was in 4-H, I had many opportunities to pledge my hands to larger serve.

“As a Horseless Horse coach, I was able to share my knowledge of 4-H and horses with youth who were new to the organization. I took my knowledge of 4-H and passion for horses into a leadership role as a Horse and Pony youth committee member and Horseless Horse youth advisor.

“Among my favorite memories of being part of 4-H were the opportunities to exhibit at the county and state fairs. It wasn’t the showing I remember most, but the interaction with all the fair visitors who were so excited to learn about horses and 4-H. It was rewarding and fun to answer their questions. During high school, I attended many leadership conferences and youth development seminars which taught me how to be a more effective 4-H ambassador. I also took the opportunity to transfer high schools so that I could participate it he agricultural coursework and join FFA. FFA gave me another outlet to express my enthusiasm for the different aspects of the agriculture industry. These experiences have prepared me for the role of Fairest of the Fair,” concludes Tetschlag.

Karrah Jo Wyckoff, 18, Sheboygan, is the daughter of Keith & Christine Wyckoff.

She is a graduate of Sheboygan Falls High School and is currently a freshman at Lakeshore Technical College where she is majoring in nursing. She is currently employed at Aurora Health Care and Pine Haven as a CNA where she works closely with the patients, nurses and visitors.

Upon graduation and becoming a nurse she would like to travel to third world countries and assist with health care. She would also like to start a program for active duty military personnel and veterans to help in the care of horses as part of their health care and wellbeing.

Wyckoff is excited to put her experiences to work as she runs for Fairest and shares why, “Wisconsin will always hold a dear place in my heart. I have a niche for the cold winter days, hot summer days, and the lovely fall days where the breeze is just right, watching the sun go down. Wisconsin is an inspiring place to live, everywhere you drive, you see the beauty of agriculture, industry and growth.

“Growing up in the town of Sheboygan, I didn’t always see what was so special about Wisconsin, until I started exhibiting at the fair. I have had horses for 10 years of my life, and the beauty amazes me. Not only was it the horse, but it was how everyone came together to celebrate the fair. Kids everywhere exhibiting what they have worked so hard for. The last two years I transferred to Sheboygan Falls High School, it was the best decision I could have made for myself. The agriculture program changed my life, l took classes, I began to see what everyone was so proud of. The work, effort and support that everyone puts into the agriculture business is incredible. I want to be an advocate for Wisconsin, teach the little ones why it is so important to take care of what generations before us worked so hard for and thank those who have dedicated their life to helping Wisconsin thrive,” Wyckoff shared.

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