To the Editor,

Where is America headed? Where is the tolerance, compassion, empathy and respect for all of humanity that America is supposed to stand for?

Where is the welcome offered to immigrants, the less fortunate, and people seeking refuge from violence?

Throughout our history, we have done some shameful things, like separating Native Americans from their land and the “white” population because they were considered “savages.”

We separated blacks because they were considered “property”.

We separated Japanese Americans because they were considered “infiltrators”.

Now, we are separating Latino children from their parents, because President Trump considers them “animals.”

The majority of these human beings are just seeking a better life and safety for their families. They actually have a lot to contribute to our communities, but according to our (so-called) President, they are all rapists, murderers and gang members,

We should all hang our heads in shame at what is happening in our country right now.

I know that I am ashamed of the actions of this President, and what he represents, because he surely doesn’t represent most of America and its principles.

The soul of our Democracy is now being challenged.

Mary Wilke


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