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In response to the article titled “Challenged” by Mary Wilke dated 6-15-18

I agreed with Mary stating America has done some shameful things in our past, like mistreating Native Americans, Blacks and Japanese immigrants and a mess of other wrongful deeds to other nationalities. But when it comes to Latinos, that’s where I disagree with Mary.

President Trump has clearly stated he doesn’t want the rapists, murderers, thugs or drug cartels to come to America. That includes all nationalities…he did not classify all Latinos as such. His border control needs to be strict and effective. Anyone coming to America needs to do that legally. What part of illegal do you not understand? If you’re doing something illegal then expect to pay the consequences. It is unfortunate the Latinos here illegally have to be separated from their families now, but they should have expected this consequence to their illegal actions. You speed? Expect a ticket! You do drugs? Expect to get arrested and fined! You drive under the influence (of alcohol or drugs)? Expect to get arrested and fined! You break any law, you can expect to pay the consequence. You come to America without proper Visa or papers? Expect to be deported! Enough already with letting all illegal people in America get away with not paying taxes, benefit from welfare payments, enjoy American freedoms without giving back to support these luxuries. Read Romans 1:1- 7 – God state exactly how it is to be.

I know many illegal people living here who do work very hard and stay out of trouble, so I pray our government can support programs to assist these people to become legal citizens. These illegal folks must do the learning, testing, filing proper paperwork and whatever else it takes to become legal citizens…but staying illegal will get bad consequences.

Where is America headed, Mary wants to know? Well, take a look at our churches and you’ll find your answer. Churches are becoming more empty as America turns its back on God. God will not bless a nation who repeatedly tells Him we don’t need Him. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” (Psalm 33:12). The entire Bible states God will bless His people who believe and follow His laws OR let evil, division and destruction take over when we turn our backs on Him. So which is it, America? We must accept our consequences, either blessed OR rejected by God, according to our actions.

I believe President Trump does represent this country’s principles. He does value the American people as high priority. He accomplishes things (sometimes in an unorthodox way) for the betterment of this country. Try seeing his good accomplishments instead of constantly tearing him apart. Everything can’t be fixed overnight…it will take years.

Mary is right – the soul of our Democracy is now being challenged. Want to make it better? Return to God who created us and ask Him to handle making America great again while we all do our part, legally, under His guidance and laws. Karen Fleischmann


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