Greenbush board focuses on hall

by Sabrina Nucciarone
Review Correspondent

GREENBUSH - Maintenance of the Town Hall dominated the agenda at the June 25 Town Board meeting.

Between mulching the grounds, correcting the direction of water where a downspout flows and the painting of the town hall doors, the board reviewed the status of these summertime projects.

Though Steve DeMunck, who provides maintenance of the hall, was not in attendance to explain what service he had done, the board indicated that based on last month’s meeting information, DeMunck had gotten the mulch, brought it to the site and spread it to the areas of the hall property where needed.

A downspout that rushes water onto a small concrete pad, referred to as a stoop, near a hall door was a major topic for the board. Wanting to direct any water away from the building by redirecting the downspout, it was noted that the concrete stoop has not sunk but the asphalt around it has.

Supervisor Beth Legacy noted that there is a little hump in the asphalt that may have been caused by the drainage of the water between the concrete and asphalt, making the walking area uneven.

“We have to see if there is a footing under the stoop and go from there,” Supervisor Dan Klahn said.

In the on-going project of painting the doors of the hall, the service invoice for payment from the painter has been received however, the job has not yet been completed. Remaining doors to be painted are in the fire house.

There was additional discussion of maintenance on two town roads, Kettle Moraine Drive and Division Road.

Chairman Mike Limberg said he requested a written estimate from Scott Construction to only chip-seal the asphalt. The company came back with a long list of items — tantamount to a construction project — that were not requested. The dollar amount, above $75,000, flabbergasted the board. Just wanting a quote on chip-sealing, “there’s stuff there you didn’t ask for,” Supervisor Klahn remarked.

Limberg said he would go back to the company and get a quote only on what the town needs.

In another matter on a town road, recent forestry activity may or may not have damaged Ridge Road, but in response to citizen Paul Eischen’s request, Supervisor Ken Stemper did say he saw more damage related to forestry in the vicinity. Without photographic proof of the way the road looked before the forest work began, Stemper indicated he would look at the landing zone to review the status of it. If there was no previous arrangement or agreement, and in this case there was no bond to pay for damage, if any, to the road, the road would be the responsibility of the town to fix if there is enough damage to warrant doing so.

In a larger project on the horizon, Limberg said there is state aid that will be available to build a bridge over the Mullet River at Center Road. Limberg said it will take about six to seven years before the bridge can be built. Brought up at a previous meeting a few months ago, Limberg had more concrete numbers to offer the board.

“The estimate for design is at $68,236 and the construction would be $326,690. Our portion of it all is $42,000. We can budget for that portion every year,” he said.

When it was asked why the bridge can’t be replaced with a culvert, as there is also state aid for that, it was noted that rules and regulations are changing to keep up with infrastructure designed to last longer.

On a separate note, Rachel Mixon, candidate for the open seat in the 59th District in the state Assembly, introduced herself at the meeting. With a goal of getting on the agenda of the 30 communities within the district before the pirmary in August, Mixon noted that after attending the Greenbush meeting she is about half-way there.

Mixon, a history teacher experienced in city government in Hartford, said she spent the day knocking on doors in the Greenbush area wanting to know the issues of importance among the residents. Noting that the area is “very pretty,” she said farmland preservation was the topic that came up often in her unofficial survey of residents.

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