A good time on Shultz Lake

This week there is a ton to write about, so here it goes.

First and most important, my very good friends, Peter and Elizabeth Hagedorn, have sold Chimo Lodge and Outposts (www.chimolodgeandoutposts.com).

For the last 60 days I have received dozens of phone calls and emails asking me if the Hagedorns are okay and if the new owner is cool.

The Hagedorns are in excellent health and after having walked this earth for over 165 years between the two of them, they decided to sell when an offer was made.

Second, Chris LeBlanc of Red Lake, Ontario, and a group of people have purchased all of Chimo, and from what I see this will be an excellent fit with Superior Airways which they already owned.

I spent about six hours around Chris, and myself as well as everyone in our gang honestly feels that he is doing everything that he can do to be an excellent camp owner and host.

Saturday, June 16

High 74, Low 48

We fly by float plane to Shultz Lake on a Saturday and are the only people on the entire body of water until we leave the next Saturday.

There are eight of us. My brother Tom is up from Denham Springs, La., with his 8-year old grandson, Landon Woodruff. Tom’s neighbor and good friend of this group, Bob “Bobco” Pearson, made the 1700-mile drive as well.

Bobco shares a deer camp with Tom which I go to, and we love giving each other a hard time.

My brother, Mike, and our families longtime friend Gary Gray, as well as Dick Schuster and his son Trent (my brotherin law and nephew, respectively) round out our gang.

Bottom line, we fish hard, eat well and stay up late!

Today is day one and there are some significant factors. There is a minnow hatch which has emerald shiners hanging out by our dock by the hundreds and they are awesome bait if you can catch them.

Another big deal is that the water is just about as low as I have ever seen it and that makes boat travel difficult at times.

To start the day, Trent and I had agreed to take a boat through a pretty dry creek to another lake as the boat that should be on the lake that we were headed to was missing. This job was extremely physical at times as we literally had to grunt, groan and carry the boat and motor on very slippery rocks.

When we got to our destination we motored to our portage trail and picked up Dick, and an incredible day of walleye fishing began with at least 40 walleyes between 19 and 25.5 inches being caught.

Dick kicked my butt on most of the biggest fish and loved verbally abusing me. Bottom line, we laughed a lot.

Sunday, June 17

High 76, Low 51

Father’s Day and no Selina, and this was a tough pill to swallow for me. Selina was chosen for Badger Girls State and would spend six days at UW-Oshkosh instead. I am proud of her.

Today I am on the same lake. Yesterday we found the missing boat and so today I would fish with Bobco, and Mike and Gary would fish in the other boat after Bobco and I rescued it.

Bobco and I had a problem and that was that the rescue motor did not want to idle, so we improvised which meant we drifted and used nightcrawler harnesses. This tactic was a blast, and we were catching lots of 22-26-inch walleye. Bobco caught the 26-inch walleye which would lead until day six.

When Mike and Gary motored up to us Gary had caught a 42- inch northern pike with a Little Cleo. I caught one 38.75 and most years that would be a winner but not today.

Monday, June 18

High 79, Low 54

My brother, Bob, would have been the same age as me for two weeks as of today. Bob passed away last October. Rest in peace brother!

Today I fished with brother, Tom, and great nephew Landon. This is Landon’s first Canadian adventure and to tell the truth on this day he would have rather been at the dock catching minnows which he sells to us at a rate of a buck a dozen.

Through luck and good fishing, Landon landed a 22-inch walleye when all he was doing was dragging a lead head jig as we drifted. I told him to shoot for catching five and a bit later he had caught five beautiful walleye.

At days end Landon had caught 17 in this very simple manner and then we headed back to the trail head, the boat on the other end and then camp.

Tonight back at camp Trent cooked baked walleye, marinated in Italian seasoning, and we stayed up very late and we were always laughing.

Hats off to the Hagedorns and good luck to the LeBlancs!


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