Board approves RA rental ‘cabins’

by Emmitt B. Feldner
of The Review staff

PLYMOUTH – Road America won approval for another option for people wanting to stay on the race grounds during events.

The Town Board Tuesday granted an amendment to the conditional use permit for Road America to erect 12 12-foot by 30-foot rental cabins on site.

The action came with an appeal from Road America Vice-President of Operations Greg Wieser for the board and track officials to meet and discuss issues with track improvements and town approvals.

“It would be advantageous for all sides to sit down together and touch base on some issues,” Wieser told the supervisors. “If there is another way to move some of these items forward, any way to go about it to shorten the length of time (for approval), that would help.”

He noted that there had been some initial confusion over whether Road America needed to amend their conditional use permit or just a building permit for the new cabins. Clearing up that issue pushed the project back a few months, Wieser contended.

“We’re not trying to do anything underhanded,” Wieser assured the board.

He pointed out that the track continues to plan improvements and additions, and an understanding of how the town would handle them would help expedite the process.

“These are not going to be the last project we’re going to do,” Wieser said.

Wieser noted that the cabins had been considered a “substantial” improvement to the grounds, requiring the change to the conditional use permit.

“We need to define what is substantial,” Wieser commented.

“You guys have been more than fair to us over the years,” Wieser told the board. “I’ve tried to build a better relationship than we’ve had in the past. We want to find out what is a better working path moving forward.”

The cabins approved by the board would be located just south of the VIP building in an existing RV parking area, according to Wieser.

He emphasized that, in that location, they would not be visible from State 67. “Nobody from the road will even know they’re there.”

“We will own them and we own the land. That’s easier for management and easier for the customer,” Wieser explained.

They would be rented out during race events with a minimum stay of two to four days. They include a queen bed and two bunk beds, bathroom and galley kitchen with microwave and refrigerator.

The cabins would utilize the track’s existing holding tank and water system, both of which Wieser characterized as “underutilized.”

They will have electricity but no natural gas, with only a microwave oven in the galley kitchen.

The 200-square-foot-plus structures will come on a trailer frame but will be permanently blocked up and staked to the ground for stability.

“The state plan shows 14 (cabins) but we’re only doing 12 to start,” Wieser said. “If it’s a good little business we might do more.”

Town Chairman Warren Luedke reported that he is still waiting to hear from state Department of Transportation officials about flooding problems on Inez Court adjacent to State 23.

“The state does have some things they want to do there,” but the plans have not been finalized and made ready for presentation to the town and Inez Court residents, he said.

Supervisors will meet Wednesday morning, July 11, to make their annual inspection of town roads. The goal, Luedke said, is to prioritize road projects for future budgets.

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