To the Editor,

With all the dizzying changes in immigration policy the present administration has visited upon the world, it's no wonder why there is so much confusion in Congress and on our southern border.

We went from "zero tolerance", to having families finally allowed to be together, and now back to how it was before all of this fiasco. I'm hoping public opinion swayed the president, but it's not over yet, so please contact your representatives.

There are thousands of desperate people making their way to our border. Many are seeking asylum from desperate poverty, horrid violence, and unspeakable horrors that most of us in the US can only imagine. Gangs acting like the mob, intimidating people to give them money, their lives, and their children. Many women who come for asylum say their husbands have been killed by gangs and their sons are being recruited with little option but to say yes.

Their journey to this nation is filled with peril from thieves, gangs, illness, hunger, and circumstances beyond their control. Just imagine making a trek of 2,000 miles with a toddler or infant. Many of these people have bravely done this and made it.

Our immigration system is broken. Somehow we need a process that will give swift, due process to asylum seekers so they can get on with their lives and we can prevent a backlog of cases.

The bottom line, our laws need to keep everyone safe, be adequate enough to prevent people from being detained for lengthy periods, and reflect human rights and compassionate thought.

Our crisis at the border is a symptom of a much larger evil that is pervasive in our nation, today. That of so few having so much at the cost of the many, with no regard for the needs of all.


Beth Taubel.


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