The Corner Studio welcomes cutting-edge technology

by Verla Peichl Falls News Correspondent

SHEBOYGAN FALLS – The Corner Studio, 222 Pine St., Sheboygan Falls, has been serving customers over the past seven years by Karin Burg, owner, but she has been designing jewelry for the past 30 years. One of her most recognizable designs is the tiara worn by Alice in Dairyland.

Burg also offers the specialty line of Pandora jewelry as well as other designer pieces and she now is able to help make the customers’ ideas a reality, with the help of her employee, Tim Pinkert. Together they have learned how to create either new pieces of jewelry or renovate and update a customer’s current item because of the technology provided in the Computer Aided Design (CAD) program.

“This technology has been around for uses such as making dentures and teeth, and this technology now allows us to design the piece in front of the customers,” Burg said.

“If a customer has an idea or has some old rings that they want remounted, and using the same stone, we are able to do that type of upgrading and turn that design into a 3D image,” Burg explained.

“We can then make several designs and render them into a photograph and e-mail them to the customer with estimates so they can decide which setting they like the best,” Burg added.

“This program will take the CAD image and it can be turned into five or six variations and this can all be done before we start making the piece,” Pinkert said.

“We can do any piece of jewelry. This program is almost unlimited as to what can be done.

“With this program we can change the stones from any size, shape or color to give them ideas,” Burg pointed out. “This has been really successful, more than we thought. We thought if we did five pieces a month, that would be a success, but we do almost two a week.

“Everything is made here,” Burg continued. “We cast and set the stones right here in this studio.”

“We decided to go with this program because jewelry suppliers have suggested it, and this allows us to do things more precise,” Pinkert said. “This is far better than what we could do by hand.”

“A popular style right now is micro-pave diamonds,” Burg stated. “We couldn’t do that type of mounting without this technology.

“You bring your ideas and we will help with them and give you a visual of what it will look like,” Burg said. “We can give the customer ideas along with their ideas and work with you and show you all the options that can be done.”

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