Good old days

To the Editor,

I love reading your newspaper [The Plymouth Review Current] but it always leaves me jealous that we don't have anything like that in our area and hungry because I always want to try the restaurants reviewed therein and I drool over all the ads for local establishments— the cover-featured ad for the place with all the fried fish nearly caused a mini-flood in Casa Austin! Again, no places like that around here, darn it!

I passed the papers along to Joe Sinnott on Friday for his enjoyment. He got very excited when I showed him how you fill up odd spaces with great old pulp and comic illustrations culminating in the center spread history of some wonderful artist from days gone by.

How lucky the local populace is to have you exposing them to our rich history of illustrators and their work, now largely forgotten… In the 1980s a bunch of us young comic book guys used to live in Westport Connecticut and we spent a lot of time at Walt Reed's Illustration House in Norwalk looking over the original art; at one point, Bret Blevins and I would show up at the gallery and Walt would just give us the key for the upstairs warehouse type place and we'd spend hours exploring all the originals on shelves, drawers and piled along the walls from Leyendecker, Wyeth, Cornwell, Coll and all the rest!

Somebody shoulda told us that THOSE were our "good old days" we were experiencing, right then!

Be well and try not to overdose on the fried fish,

Terry Austin

[Terry Austin is a professional comic artist living in New York State. Among his many accomplishments was inking The Uncanny X-Men from 1977 to 1981 for Marvel Comics.]

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