Kohler waits on health insurance changes

by Amber DeFere
Review Correspondent

KOHLER – It would be better to wait than switch carriers now, the Village Board and its new healthcare consultant agreed at the July 16 meeting.

The new consultant the board selected a month ago discussed with trustees whether or not it would be worth it to switch cycles so late in the year. Considering that more than half of the year is already gone and by the time the change would be enacted there would only be about three months left in the year, it was agreed that switching would not be in their best interest at this time.

Trustees asked if they could go on a 15-month plan, instead of the current 12-month one. However, since they are categorized as a small, rather than large, group the village can only get a 12-month policy, they were told.

The board agreed that, as of now, nothing new would be changed, but discussions would continue and they would plan for another meeting to update everyone sometime in September or October. One thing that they all agreed was important is making sure there is better communication with their new healthcare consultant, considering the mixups that took place last year.

The board heard updates on the proposed Aurora Hospital, subdivision clearing, and County PP roundabout before going into closed session.

Beginning with the hospital, a draft has been made and sent out to Aurora by the board about how to proceed with the zoning process for the project, but no response had been received yet. Whether or not this lack of communication will slow the process of the hospital being built is to be determined, because although some work could technically be started, the board does not want to take action if they do not officially know how everything should proceed.

Because of this, the board opted to wait on taking any action on the matter. They are, however, not concerned about the delay in feedback, stating that it is “not our risk, it’s theirs” when it comes to starting on the ground work, because until all of the documents are done, if anything happens it would be Aurora potentially losing any money, not the village of Kohler.

The board noted that approval from the Kohler Co. on the subdivision clearing is “imminent” and, although it has been rumored that the project has been pushed off until next year, that has been confirmed to be inaccurate although it is true that the infrastructure may not be started until then.

The board then closed their discussion with information on the County PP roundabout, which should be ready for traffic by the second full week of August, despite being a bit behind schedule. The board would like to set up another meeting to discuss how things will proceed during construction.

The board accepted a donation for the new drinking fountains in the Upper Lost Woods Park from the Pethan family.

The Property Committee recommended the purchasing of a pressure washer, which was approved by the board.

The Finance Committee recommended the approval of an operator’s license and the hiring of a part time public works employee, both of which were granted.

A change in the municipal code ordinance was also requested, to change the one-hour parking zone by the Kohler Design Center two-hour parking zone. This was important for the employees of the establishment, because they have been getting fines for parking their car there while at work.

Then, the Tourism Promotion & Development Committee recommended the board take action on four different projects, totaling $230,000. They were The American Club 100th Anniversary celebration at $10,000, the 2018 Room Night via Golf Rounds Acquisition advertising to Golf Association members at $100,000, the 2018 Kohler Food & Wine Festival at $30,000 and finally the 2019 Room Night via Golf Rounds Acquisition advertising at $90,000.

However, after some discussion, an amendment was made to change this motion to only funding the first three projects, and increasing the 2018 Golf Association’s dollar amount to $150,000. The last project, set for 2019, was believed to be too far in the future to make a decision on at the present, considering the board does not want to lend out money that far in advance. The new total for the combined projects would be around $190,000.

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