Town clarifies cost of road surface fix

by Sabrina Nucciarone
Review Correspondent

GREENBUSH - Due to a costly estimate for road work to be done on Kettle Moraine Drive from County T to Summit Road, a representative from Scott Construction was present at the Town Board meeting July 23 to answer questions regarding the precise work the town wants done and what it would cost.

The estimate above $75,000 last month alarmed the board. They wanted to make sure that Scott Construction understood that reconstructing the road wasn’t the intention, but to clear the road of debris, patch holes and chip seal, creating a smoother groomed surface on which to drive.

The provision of a simple chip seal was quoted at just above $33,000, however, projecting the process by using “black boiler slag, hot oil it, compact it, and seal it with chip seal,” the representative quoted $54,751. Doing the whole road, not just the half that needs more work, is factored into the cost.

“If we only did half, people would say we forgot half the road,” Supervisor Dan Klahn said.

The representative said he didn’t know how long black slag would be available to use since it is a coal product and might be harder and more expensive to obtain when the demand is higher the deeper into summer it gets.

Voting to approve to have Scott Construction perform the roadwork, the board would like to see the work done in August.

For this type of seal, the representative mentioned the use of a carbon blade on a snowplow so the road will last longer.

In correspondence, a letter was received from an engineering firm that no doubt got wind of the bridge aid the town will receive for a project “that is at least a couple of years off,” Chairman Mike Limberg said.

Limberg indicated the town will be setting money aside in the budget as time goes along to add to the money that will be received from the state and the county when the project is ready to be addressed.

“Once it gets closer, we will figure out what we need to do to secure a firm to engineer the project,” Limberg said.

In a letter to the town, Maywood announced that their Earthride annual bicycle ride will be Sept. 15, with the route going through town as it did last year. After last year’s ride and the graffiti still visible on the road, the board members were adamant about the group marking the route properly. “Send them a note, no graffiti or painting on the road.” Limberg said, with other members in agreement.

An unusual, anonymous letter written to Town Clerk Brenda Phipps and mailed directly to her house was mentioned toward the end of the meeting. The letter, printed using a computer and not signed, asked the board to do “something for the ‘plain folks’” by wanting the board to “assign space in/at/about the Town Hall/ Fire Dept land area” for a shell building to accommodate a post office for Greenbush.

Phipps said she was irked. “It landed in my own mailbox at home,” she said. Phipps read most of the letter, and held up a copy of the solicitation notice issued by the United States Postal Service looking for shell building to house a post office in Greenbush that accompanied the letter.

For any inconvenience that Greenbush residents might be experiencing with receiving Federal Express and UPS packages, Supervisor Beth Legacy Beth spoke to the issue, without whomever wrote the letter present. “We didn’t shut down the postal service in Greenbush. It’s the federal government,” she said.

“We have nothing to do with it,” Limberg and Phipps both indicated at different times.

Citizen Paul Eischen wanted to know why the board was talking about the letter when letters that are not signed are not a topic of discussion for the board.

“It’s Brenda venting,” Limberg said, for something she received at home and not something that pertains to official town business.

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