Dictator uses orphans to fight sanctions

There is a Russian orphan lying in a bed who needs medical help for Down’s syndrome or HIV infection, or a long list of potentially lethal challenges.

There is an American couple in Iowa or Wisconsin who can afford treatments and loving care who want to adopt such a child.

There is a Russian dictator who blocks that adoption.


Because the dictator is angry that he and his fellow travelers aren’t able to as easily take their theft of their country’s vast wealth and hide it away in pirate treasure boxes beneath the shifting sands of other countries financial beaches.

The dictator is really; really angry that the whole world knows his government murdered a lawyer who exposed part of the systematic theft of Russia’s wealth.

This is not “fake news.” It’s all part of the on-the-record story promoted in one of the most bi-partisan acts of Congress ever. Don’t take our word for it. Just look up the Magnitsky Act in Wikipedia or Google. Better yet, for an in-depth cloak and dagger adventure read “The Red Notice” by Bill Browder.

These are summary facts of the type of reporting that newspapers do every day.

Is The Review really small fry when it comes to such big stories as this? No!

Maybe one of those children denied a home would have come into Sheboygan County. There are countless stories we tell about how people here dream and help others.

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