Misunderstanding has cell tower on hold

by Sabrina Nucciarone
Review Correspondent

GLENBEULAH - A misunderstanding in the permits necessary to move the PI cell tower construction forward resulted in delaying the project, according to discussion by the Village Boad at their August meeting.

The conditional use permit was granted some months ago at a cost to PI Tower of $3,000. The building permit was approved in July with a separate $760 fee. Not understanding that the building permit is not part of the conditional use permit, communication between the parties involved are now in the hands of the attorneys for both sides.

The delay in paying the building permit has caused a delay of at least two weeks and will continue if there are further issues.

“We approved the building permit. We’re done,” Trustee Scott Starnicky said.

Village President Douglas Daun agreed. “They are hurting themselves by not getting started,” he said.

“It was a ‘hurry up’ situation, now they are sitting on it,” Starnicky added.

Clarification of payment due for fire call and/or first responder responses was determined to be needed when village assists the town of Greenbush in cases of emergency. It will come down to reviewing the current contract between the two communities.

Discussing how many times per month Glenbeulah fire and/ or emergency medical personnel are dispatched and what they are paid for, the discrepancy seems to be whether or not someone is transported.

The board was in agreement about the village resources being used whenever there is a call requiring the emergency services from village of Glenbuelah.

“We don’t self-dispatch, we should get paid,” Trustee Dan Grunewald said.

“If the truck is dispatched, there should be billing,” Starnicky said.

Once the contract is reviewed, “I will talk to Mike about it,” Daun said, referring to Mike Limberg, chairman of Greenbush Town Board.

The board wished to share information about the upcoming car show at Fudgienuckles, Sept. 15.

Being a community gathering serving as joint fundraiser for town of Greenbush and village of Glenbeulah fire departments, there will be classic cars on display and game booths, rides, and even a dunk tank.

Registration for vehicles will start at 8 a.m. and the display of cars will last from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Overall, the event will last until the early evening.

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