EL-G voters to decide spending referendum

by Rodney Schroeter
of The Review staff

ELKHART LAKE — The School Board voted unanimously Monday night to present a referendum to voters.

On Election Day, Nov. 6, electors will choose whether or not to exceed the revenue limit for five years, to provide funds for non-recurring purposes for the district.

A recent survey, distributed to district residents, indicated support for this referendum.

The board went through a two-step process: first, passing a resolution authorizing the school district budget to exceed the revenue limit for five years (the school years of 2019-20 through 2023- 24); second, a resolution to present the referendum to electors.

District Superintendent Dr. Ann Buechel Haack read the two resolutions aloud in their entirety, as required by law.

ACP Program

Elementary Principal Deb Hammann, High School Principal Ryan Faris, and instructor Beth Roehl presented a revised Academic and Career Planning (ACP) program.

Faris said the program addresses “how we are going to make our students the most academic and career-ready as possible.”

ACP, Faris said, had been implemented the first year on a one-size-fitsall basis. While it was effective, it was now time to refine the program, and the board received a detailed breakdown, individualized by grade level, of ACP requirements.

In the program, students work with an advisor for all four years of high school. Students create an online portfolio to organize goals and achievements, and to help with interviews. Program elements Faris mentioned included future goals, how to write smart goals, and ability/ skills profiling.

Roehl said when students were asked what could improve the program, they readily provided specific, helpful suggestions. “We learned a lot” from the students, Roehl said.

“We got great feedback,” Faris agreed.

Hammann gave details on how the program would be implemented in the middle school.

Other board business

Buechel Haack reminded the board and the public of the district’s annual meeting and budget hearing, Monday, Sept. 10, 7 p.m. in the high school library.

Elementary Principal Deb Hammann and High School Principal Ryan Faris reviewed with the board additions and changes to the district’s Children at Risk plan. The plan’s purpose is to identify students at risk of not graduating from high school. The board is required by Wisconsin law to review this plan each August. The board unanimously approved the revised plan.

Another annual requirement is a review of the past year’s Seclusion and Restraint report. Buechel Haack said there had been no incidents at the high school level, and that only two elementary students had been involved.

Building and Grounds Director Brian Feldmann gave a report on recently completed maintenance projects.

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