Pivotal year

To the Editor,

Many times political change happens without any idea why. It can come about simply by not paying attention to political events. We can only blame ourselves if we wake up some day to find out that our State of Wisconsin is mired in unpaid bills and the corrupt shenanigans of politicians and lobbyists.

2018 is beginning to look like another one of those pivotal years. We have become complacent to the good times that have come to us complements of Governor Walker and a Republican legislature. We are forgetting that when Walker took office, he found that the Jim Doyle administration had illegally raided cash reserves from some departments to pay the states bills; he stiffed the State of Minnesota millions of dollars; and he greased the palms of the special interests that provided much of his campaign funding. In the end, Doyle left Walker a $3.5 billion budget shortfall to overcome.

And overcome it Governor Walker did. Instead of being an arm of government unions like Illinois has chosen to do, Walker made sweeping government reforms and turned Wisconsin into a state that is friendly to business and is getting people to work in record numbers.

Democrats are openly advocating reversing all of Walker’s reforms. They would eagerly take us back to the bad ole days of Jim Doyle who took care of his friends and bought votes with empty promises. Like him or not, Governor Walker is a fair man who works hard to balance the needs of the bureaucracy against the ability of taxpayers to foot the bill. The fact that he is willing to confront the special interests hovering over Madison is testament to Walker’s ability to lead.

Dennis Gasper


Sheboygan County

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